A neighbor heard noises from 28-year-old Joylene Subklew's apartment. He didn't think it was gunshots, he thought he maybe heard furniture being moved, and arguing. Other neighbors reported hearing shots.

Then another tenant helped Subklew's boyfriend from the apartment. He said he had been shot, in the side and the leg and he had escaped somehow. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. Police were called at 3:30 am and a standoff began. It was determined that inside the apartment was Joylene Subklew, and her ex-boyfriend George Pelletier, 47.

Friends and neighbors said the two had had a troubled relationship. And she had broken it off some time before. Pelletier appeared to be having difficulty with the ending, and Subklew had recently obtained a restraining order against Pelletier. Allegedly Pelletier had been drinking earlier in the evening.

During the standoff, which lasted more than 15 hours, many other tenants were trapped in their apartment. The couple who lived above Subklew has reported that they spent about 3 hours sitting on a bed with a shotgun. Allegedly Pelletier was threatening to shoot through the floor into the apartment above. They were too afraid to try to escape, because they would have to pass Subklew's apartment on their way out. Police were not aware of their presence in the apartment until a neighbor called them. Gradually the tenants were evacuated by the SWAT team.

Shortly after 10 am, Pelletier released Subklew without injury. She had been a hostage for 7 hrs. Friends and neighbors attempted to get Pelletier to come out. Police negotiators also were attempting to convince him to come out. Police stated that he was afraid to come out, afraid of going to jail. They were determined to wait.  

About 6 pm, police fired tear gas canisters into the apartment and attempted to coax him out. Half an hour later hearing gunshots, the SWAT team moved in. They found Pelletier dead, apparently due to a self inflicted gunshot wound. Police say that no officers or tactical unit officers fired any weapons during the standoff.

An autopsy is scheduled to verify the cause of death.,0,5210850.story?track=mostviewedlink

Another apartment complex endangered. First trapped for some period of time, afraid to even talk, afraid to draw the hostage takers attention to themselves. Then after they were evacuated, the were out in the hot sun, for the day. Unable to return to their apartments due to fear for their lives, it represented a major interruption of their daily activities, not to mention the sleepless night and the fear, the endangerment they were put through.

One man, who isn't being named, shot. His 'crime'? He found someone to go out with. Evidently the shooter felt his desires were more important than the unnamed man's desires.

One woman, terrorized for 7 hours. Her 'crime'? She decided the previous relationship wasn't working, and decided to go in a different direction. A direction different from the shooter/hostage taker.


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