Just a kid

Around 3 am, Martha Rodriguez began to drive her daughter's 17 year old boyfriend home. She drove and her boyfriend David Moreno was in the front passenger seat. The 17 year old boyfriend in the back seat of the car, is believed to have been intoxicated on either drugs or alcohol.

During the trip to take him home, an argument began. And allegedly the 17 year old reached over the seat and stabbed Moreno twice in the chest with a sharp object.

The boy fled on foot, and Moreno was rushed to the hospital. He underwent surgery and was listed in critical condition on Monday.

The teen was found passed out in the stairwell of an apartment complex about 5:42 am. He was arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.



We tend to see 17 year olds as just kids. But at 17, they are almost fully grown physically. And they are just a little short of legally being an adult. Yet they often lack the control that age and experience should bring. And alcohol or drugs will worsen that lack of control.  

It is never wise to argue with anyone who is intoxicated, if it can be avoided. And especially an intoxicated teen. Not that I am implying that it was the victims fault, as he did not ask to be stabbed. But as a general rule, if possible defer arguments til the next day. It usually feels more satisfying if they have a hangover anyway.

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