An altercation developed at the home of Sadie Brown, 64. Present were her 17 year old grandson and his cousin. During the conflict, Sadie Brown was stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife.

The cousin present in the home attempted to intervene, but was also threatened. Following the threat, the cousin ran to a neighbors home for assistance.

When police arrived at 6:15 am, they found the 17 year old holding the bloody knife in his hand. Police officers ordered him to put down the knife, but he refused and advanced toward them and the officers shot him.

Sadie Brown was hospitalized and was reported to be in stable condition. The 17 year old, also hospitalized is reported to be in critical condition.

Domestic violence is usually thought of  as between members of a couple. But domestic violence is not exclusive to a couple, it can and does involve any combination of family members, regardless of age or family position.

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