An altercation developed at the home of Sadie Brown, 64. Present were her 17 year old grandson and his cousin. During the conflict, Sadie Brown was stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife.

The cousin present in the home attempted to intervene, but was also threatened. Following the threat, the cousin ran to a neighbors home for assistance.

When police arrived at 6:15 am, they found the 17 year old holding the bloody knife in his hand. Police officers ordered him to put down the knife, but he refused and advanced toward them and the officers shot him.

Sadie Brown was hospitalized and was reported to be in stable condition. The 17 year old, also hospitalized is reported to be in critical condition.

Domestic violence is usually thought of  as between members of a couple. But domestic violence is not exclusive to a couple, it can and does involve any combination of family members, regardless of age or family position.



The Colony Apartments burned early Saturday about 2:30 am.  About 70 people were displaced by the fire. There was one fatality. The fire department was called out on a report of a building on fire and a person on fire.

Gerald Todd Spease, 36, has been charged in the fire and the death. He was initially charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and first-degree arson, but police say murder charges are pending. Police say he doused an apartment with gasoline or another flamable liquid and set fire to it.

Tammy Dianne Wilson, 39, was badly burned and taken to the medical center, where she died about 30 minutes after Spease's arrest. Her family says that Spease and Wilson lived together until recently. One article says that Spease doused Tammy Wilson with gasoline and the fire quickly spread.

According to one article, the two had had an arguement either late Fri. or early Saturday. Spease was seen Fri. night about 11 pm at a gas station. At 2:30 am he was reportedly seen entering the building with a red gas can and looking angry. Witnesses saw him unscrewing the gas can lid. They began waking others in the building and called 911.

Allegedly earlier in the evening Spease had been at his mother's. She went to sleep and woke to a phone call from Spease.

"Call and see if Tammy's all right," she said he told her.

"What have you done?" she said.

He was crying. "It sounded like he said … ‘I burned the apartment' or something."

Allegedly the mother encouraged him to give himself up to police. He was arrested about 9:30 am and Wilson died 30 minutes later.

No one else was injured, not even Wilson's 13 year old daughter who was in the apartment at the time of the fire. Wilson also has a 19 year old daughter.!localnews&s=1037645509099

She was a medical technician, working with the elderly in a nursing home. People say that she was always helping and supporting others. She was a mother of two. One of her children has reached adulthood, but she will never see the younger one even graduate. There will always be times when these girls will desperately wish their mother was able to be present, nights when they will cry themselves to sleep missing her.

Seventy people, whose lives were endangered. A night of fear and tragedy, now many have lost what they had. And now they are homeless, some still in a shelter.

One 'angry' man. I wonder if he ever considered the reality of what he planned to do? His goal was the loss of Wilson's life and that was plenty bad enough. She likely suffered a lot of pain. But he also endangered 70 other people, including one or more children.

But I wonder if even considered the cost of what he did to his mother. She had to tell the son she gave birth to, to turn himself in to authorities. And she has to live with the knowlege of what he did. She was not involved, she did not do it. But she is a mother.


The daughter of Tammy Wilson talks about her mother's death and the events in the apartment the day her mother died.

Gerald Spease's mother talks about her son and the couple's relationship. Gerald had spent more than ten years in prison for armed robbery. And reportedly he had spoken with a friend recently about getting a gun, though the friend states he had not said he was going to use it on his ex-girlfriend.