It’s hot

Monica Torres, 22, is a young mother. A young mother facing first degree felong cruelty charges. She did not beat her child, she did not touch her child.

Police found her 9 month old baby girl locked in a car in the parking lot of a shopping mall. She had been there for almost an hour. She was buckled up in a car seat, not even a window open in the vehicle. The temperature in the car was over 90 degrees. Police say the infant was screaming and sweating profusely. Paramedics checked her and she was ok.

Torres was located in a nearby store. She told police she had forgotten her daughter was in the car.

Facing felony cruelty charges. She is probably pretty worried. But she is lucky. She could be facing the charges, and a funeral.

It's not easy. You pull up to a place, the child maybe sleeping. You hate to wake them. It is a hassle to wake the child, carry them or deal with a stroller. It can make shopping tiring. I can agree with all of that.

But the alternative is unthinkable. It is hot out. If you have ever gotten into a car parked in the open on a hot day, you know how it feels. Now imagine you were trapped in that hot car, unable to get out. Unable to open a window and get fresh air. A child cries to draw attention to their needs. That is an instinct. But the crying would only make the heat and dehydration worse.

Mom is facing felony criminal charges. I hope she realizes how lucky she is.

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