Divorce and parents and children

Every now and then I stray from the crime genre. And today this is one of those times. This is legally not a crime, per se.

I have been involved recently in some online and offline discussions on how a parents divorce or separation can affect any children involved. So in line with those conversations I am presenting this post. It is about a case currently being heard in court. The experts have testified. It is now up to a judge to make a ruling. I am not going to try to take a side here. Except to say that there has to be a better way to handle these problems. The people involved are not being named, as the case involves a minor child.

Mother and Father have an 8 year old child. They are currently in court to get a ruling on whether or not the 8 year old child should be circumcised.

The Mother states that the child was not circumcised at birth per the Father's wishes, as their son was "not a Jew" per the Father. She also alleges the son had suffered from an infection at least 4 times since 2004. She has stated that "was crying profusely" and "very scared" when trying to put on pants or swimming trunks. Experts have testified that circumcision would prevent the painful redness, swelling and cracking.

Attornies for the Mother have alleged that the father has twice been convicted of contempt and sentenced to jail for failing to help pay the boys medical expenses. In addition it is alleged that he was facing another ruling on contempt at the start of this hearing, but that he paid some overdue bills prior to the hearing.

The Mother has alleged that the Father showed their son pictures of a circumcision in progress, and told him he could be left with a limp, lose his penis or die from the procedure.

Experts have also testified for the father. These experts were not paid, they donated their time as a part of a growing anti-circumcision movement or recieved payment from that organization. They stated that a circumcision was not needed, that the infections were a result of poor hygiene or swimming in water with high chemical levels. They have said that better hygiene and medication would help the boy.

Additionally they have said that the mother only wants the circumcision so that the child could look more like the stepfather and stepbrother. And they hinted that boy may have seen the 11 year old stepbrother or touched him.

The father denies the "anti-semitic" remark but has admitted to downloading information from the internet to show the boy. He also testified that the boy had never complained to him about pain near his penis.


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