Accident exposes murder

A police officer driving behind Alofa Time’s truck and noticed his erratic driving. Then he saw him hit a car.

Dead at the scene were Samantha Nina Murphy, 36, and her 4-year-old daughter, Jae Lynne Grimes. Murphy’s other daughter was injured in the accident and is now in stable condition in the hospital.

Police investigating the accident scene had a problem. Besides the child transported to the hospital, and the bodies of the two killed in the accident, they found a decapitated head of a woman which had been tossed into the roadway during the accident.

Time, 51, was not injured in the accident. And he allegedly admitted to knowledge of the severed head. Allegedly he admitted to involvement of his wife’s death. After obtaining a search warrant police went to Time’s home and Theresa Time’s, 47, decapitated body was found in the garage of the couple’s home. She was found sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle. An autopsy has been scheduled to try to determine her cause of death. It should be completed about Monday.

Time has been indited on 2 counts of 2nd degree murder in the deaths of the mother and child killed in the accident. He is also being charged with 1 st degree homicide in the death of his wife. There is also a pending charge of domestic battery that he had pleaded innocent to in March.

The couple had only been married for 3 months before their divorce in January. Though it is alleged they continued to live together off and on. In March a judge issued a no contact order against Time for allegedly abusing his wife.

According to one police report that incident involved “Alofa grabbed her by both forearms and threw her to the bed.  He then moved both hands to her throat and applied pressure, making it difficult for Theresa to breath.” Not long after Theresa Time asked that the no contact order be lifted so that they could work things out. The judge refused to lift the order until Theresa Time had completed a positive safety planning class last month, then the order was lifted.

When I was a teen I remember having the feeling that if I went somewhere I shouldn’t, that that was the time I would have car trouble, or a ticket, or an accident. But that didn’t stop me from going where I wanted, and evidently it didn’t stop him either.

Ok, a mother and child have died. One child is alive, but hospitalized. And his wife is dead now and won’t be testifying at his domestic violence trial. However, he is facing worse charges. At first I had trouble with the 2nd degree murder charges. Usually a vehicle accident would get manslaughter or vehicular homicide. Then I think I have figured it out. I am not a lawyer and have no legal expertise, but I think the higher charges may have applied because the accident occurred during the commission of another crime. He was transporting a portion of his dead wife’s remains. Now why her head was in the truck and her body at home, I haven’t figured out.

Yes, there was a history of domestic violence, court involvement and probably police involvement at least in Mar., also. It seems to have been a rather violent relationship, even as short as it apparently was.

I was impressed by the judge requiring the safety prevention class before he dismissed the order. I wish more of that were done. Though to be honest, it is up to the couple’s choice if they decide to reconcile. And if it saved one woman by making her reconsider her decision to rescind a protection or retraining order, then it would be worth it.


Police believe the auto “accident” may have been intentional. The officer who was behind Time’s vehicle  “he saw a truck in front of him swerve into a car in the oncoming lane and crash into a passenger car.”

The daughter who was hospitalized is 8 years old, and her grandfather and stepgrandmother are at the hospital with her now.


Police say that when Time was taken into custody, he begged for officers to kill him. Police have found a suicide note, and money he set aside for unspecified arrangements after his death.

Time is currently being held in the county in which the accident occurred. He was given a $1 million dollar bond, but authorities say if he meets that bond, he will be transferred to the county in which his wife was found, and that judge there has already denied bail.

Besides the domestic violence charges against him for abuse of his  wife in Mar. it appears that he also has a previous history of domestic abuse charges in California.


Pled guilty to first degree murder in exchange for having the death penalty dropped.

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