Shoot the trailer

Ernest Dale Jarvis Jr. and Roberta Smoodin, 54, were involved in a domestic dispute early last Thursday morning. Allegedly Jarvis fired at least 5 shots into the trailer they lived in, while his girlfriend was inside. Three of the shots went into a wooden deck, two were too deep into the ground for recovery, and one went into the trailer. Smodin was not injured by the bullets, but allegedly had some bruising on her chest where Jarvis allegedly hit her with a pistol.

After the shooting, Jarvis left for work and Smodin contacted police at 7:09 am. At some point Jarvis called home and told Smodin that he was coming home with a gun. In the meantime police went to his place of employment to arrest him but he had already left.

Police spotted Jarvis enroute and made a felony traffic stop. They greeted him with weapons drawn but were able to arrest him without incident. Jarvis was charged with attempted murder, first degree wanton endangerment, third degree terroristic threatening, carrying a concealed deadly weapon and second offense DUI.

With the help of a TV repairman who used a metal detector, they were able to recover all the shell casings and they found an additional bullet.

Smodin was issued an emergency protective order and will be notified if Jarvis makes bond. Police stated the couple have lived there since Dec. 2005, and they haven't had any other complaints from that address.

All I am going to say on this one, is to point out that he was leaving work and was picked up enroute- and along with the other charges was a charge for DUI. Too many times drugs or alcohol are involved in these crimes.


If you see something suspicious

An aquaintance of  Tai Morgan, 27, went to her home on Tuesday and found her dead of a gunshot wound.

Tai Morgan, was the mother of two children, but they were visiting with their grandmother and were not home when their mother was shot. Neighbors say their father did not live at the home, but did visit there.

According to police, there was no sign of forced entry at the home. Neighbors have said that Morgan was worried about something and that she had asked the neighbors to keep an eye on her, and to make a report to police if they saw anything suspicious.

Police are searching for Kelsey Ruth, 32, in relation to the shooting. He was reportedly an ex-boyfriend of Morgan. He is described as a dark skinned black male with his hair in cornrows. His car was discovered at his mother's home, but Ruth wasn't there.

Tai Morgan was evidently concerned enough to alert neighbors to keep watch on her, yet there is no mention of her applying for a protection order. And that is often the way many people will do it. Whether it is a lack of faith in the protection order or a belief that applying for them will make the situation worse, sometimes they just don't.

Whether a person does file for an order or not, if in suspicion that you may be in danger of violence, a safety plan is in order. Seek out a local shelter, go to a hotel or motel, or take refuge somewhere that you don't think the dangerous person will think of. Staying put and hoping for the best is often not the wisest choice of action.

I was struck by the description neighbors had of the two children. The children have been said to be a little girl age 9 and a little boy age 7. "They are very happy, you know,” said Renelle Cain. “Energetic. Always smiling. Always playing, you know. When they hear this, I know it's going to break their hearts. I know it is. This is just so sad." Neighbors described the two as the delight of the neighborhood. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Secrets From Within has also blogged about this tragedy and has an update. Kelsey Ruth has turned himself in. For more info on the case click here.