‘I love you, Dad’

Tuesday and Amber Alert was issued for two little boys. Allegedly Teresa Walker had called her husband Katron Walker from work and told him that she wanted a divorce. Though at least one paper has stated that Teresa had told her husband on Sunday that she wanted a divorce and that she had moved into a shelter with the boys. It has been alleged that on Tues. morning that she received a threatening call from Katron, and that she also filed for a protective order on Tues.

Reportedly Katron Walker showed up at Teresa Walker's father's home where the children were about 10 am Tuesday, and an altercation took place. Allegedly Walker pulled a knife and took the two little boys. He sped off in a van, which which police say had been stolen from a friend. Police were called and a search begun. Family alleges that an Amber Alert was not issued for 7 hours after the abduction.

Witnesses told police that Walker frequently took his boys fishing at a local lake. Then a woman called and said that she had seen a man with two little boys there eating hot dogs and fishing. Later she saw the Amber Alert and recognized the van in the alert. They went there and began a search using search dogs and looking for the stolen van.

During the search, police say that Katron Walker came out of an abandoned trailer there. He was holding the two boys. Police say that he jumped into the water with the naked boys.

Police were able to rescue 2 year old Monte Walker, but police state that Katron Walker was very uncooperative and reportedly there was a struggle.

They were unable to find 4 year old Collin Walker, so a dive team was called.  He was later recovered by a dive team in 12 feet of water. He had been stabbed in the chest and also had a laceration on his neck. A preliminary autopsy has shown that Collin died of a stab wound to the chest, there is no evidence of drowning.

Little Monte had also suffered from stab wounds to the chest and a laceration to the neck, and is recovering in a hospital where he is in good condition.  

The witness who reported to police that she had seen the man with the little boys said she heard the boys say 'I love you, Dad',"  she has also stated that after Walker jumped into the lake with the boys, that she also had jumped in and tried to search for them. She stated that she demanded of him where Collin was, and "He's grinning and he goes, 'He's probably at the bottom of the lake by now'," 

Police have stated that Katron Walker also had cut his own throat and stabbed himself in the chest. He is expected to survive. Police say that he had marijuana and methamphetamine in his system.

A steak knife, blood, and some children's clothing was found in the abandoned trailer.

Katron Walker has been charged with murder and attempted murder. His criminal history consists of a charge of methamphetamine possession in 2002 or early 2003, and that he recieved probation.





The last two articles discuss some of the challenges of the Amber Alert law. A married couple with children, both have equal rights to the children. And in this state, as well as many others an Amber Alert cannot be used in cases where custody disputes might be an issue. Therefore he most likely won't be charged with abduction of the children. And that that accounts for the delay in the Amber Alert. Police state they had to determine if they had enough information to issue the Alert.

However, there was wrongdoing in this case of abduction, in the trespassing on the father-in-laws property, having a weapon, and the stolen van.

Not mentioned is the fact that he may have threatened with the knife and that assault has been alleged on someone at the father-in-law's home.

The Missing and Murdered Children is also blogging about this case and the post can be found here with and update here.


Prosecutors have stated they intend to seek the death penalty.



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Darren Mack, 45, asked a friend to pick up his 7 year old daughter Monday morning, and take her to her grandmother's.

The friend arrived with a pet dog around 9 am. The friend met the wife, Charla Mack and the little girl. Darren Mack was there and asked the friend to watch the little girl for a minute while he talked with Charla downstairs.   

The friend states that a few minutes later, the dog began to bark. So the friend went downstairs to see what the problem was.

The friend saw Darren Mack, come into the home from the garage. He had a towel wrapped around his hand and brushed past his friend and went upstairs. The dog followed Mack into the home, and was covered in blood from his muzzle to his chest. The friend checked the dog for injuries and found none.

The friend got the little girl and left the home. After taking the little girl to her grandmother's, and returned to the home.  The friend says that Charla's car had been in the driveway, but upon the return trip the car was gone and there was bloodstains in the driveway.

Police say that Charla was found in the garage, it looked as though she had been dragged from one part of the garage to another, and her car was put into the garage with the keys in the front seat. Police say that Charla had been stabbed multiple times.

Police say that Darren Mack is also a suspect in the shooting of a Family Court judge Chuck Weller, at the courthouse at 11:10 am the same morning. Police believe that a shot was fired through his third story courthouse window, from across the river. Weller is said to be in good condition at the hospital. Weller's administrative assistant was treated and released after suffering superficial injuries from running into the judges office.  

A warrant has been sworn out for Mack on the charge of one count of open murder with the use of a deadly weapon. However, he is not in custody yet. Police are asking that if anyone knows where Mack might be, to please contact them. Mack is described as 5'11" and 190-220 pounds.

Police are saying the couple's three children are not missing, but have declined to say if they are safe or in county custody.

Darren and Charla Mack had a hearing in a contested divorce case scheduled in front of Judge Wellner. Court records show the couple have been having hearings for more than a year in the judge's court.  In May of 2005, Mack was ordered to pay $849 per month in child support and $10,000 a month in spousal support.

Police have searched downtown buildings and the airport and have posted fliers for Mac, which delayed some flights.

There was one quote from a family law attorney which I especially want to include:

"Dealing with divorce, child custody, child support, guardianship, these are things that all of which are highly emotionally charged," she said. "We can all imagine based on the subject matter of the family court what might have prompted this."


http://news.rgj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060613/NEWS18/606130373&oaso=news.rgj.com/breakingnews                  (picture of the suspect at both links)

http://news.rgj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060613/NEWS10/606130349/1002 http://www.kesq.com/Global/story.asp?S=5021566&nav=9qrx

Don't believe that domestic violence is anything other than couples problem?

The courthouse was shut down following the shooting of the judge. Downtown buildings where shutdown. They haven't specified, but I would say that traffic was probably halted in the area. At least 4 flights were delayed at the airport.  It sounds as though quite a few people had their activities halted for quite a while on Monday. Yet it was necessary, not only to try to capture him, but because when they lose control at the home, they can often become a danger to everyone around them, and everyone connected to them.

Three children out there have probably been told by now what happened to their mother. And no matter how carefully you word it, this has to be hard. Especially since at least one child was in the home at the time, and would have heard bits and pieces of it or seen the dog with blood on it, even if she did not see anything else. At least the 7 year old is also old enough to know that their father is gone, and be aware of all the tension that surrounds them. And most likely there are other family members grieving for her also.

And I have to say that his family would be trying to cope with the events that have happened, and worried about what their son is doing, and why this happened.

Judges, staff, and attorneys are pretty shook up at the courthouse. The manhunt so far has taken up quite a few police officers and kept them tied up for hours.

What I cannot understand is why Mack didn't send the little girl away with the friend, before he shot his wife. Why have the friend stay with the little girl in the house instead of leaving for the grandmothers home? The only thing I can think of is that the mother may have refused to let the child go, thus setting off this chain of events or at least keeping them there during the shooting.


Huff Crime Blog has a great post on the murder of Charla Mack and the shooting of Judge Weller here  as well as an update here.

Police are investigating internet dating sites that Mack may have been using to meet and communicate with women. They also say they believe that Mack has access to any type of weapon. But he may have a Bushmaster 223 semi-automatic rifle in his possession. They have not been able to locate his Silver colored Ford Explorer with license plate number 5POR272.


Mack has family in Northern California and may have called a cousin shortly after the shootings. The cousin was unaware of the shootings at the time. The cousin has been in contact with the authorities.


More information about the Judge and some allegations. At least one person who says that Mack's dispute was over child support, and that he had had to file 'Chapter 7' due to the child support.


A business credit card issued to Darren Roy Mack's Reno pawn shop was used at a California airport on Monday.


Secret Witness is offering a reward of $2,500 for leading to Mack's arrest.

The three children involved are safe according to investigating officers, and they are the child Mack had with Charla and two children from Mack's previous marriage.


A chronicle of the events of the families life. Details of the court cases and allegations against Mack. Mack allegedly had only paid $9,000 of the $40,000 alimony he owed. Allegedly during the marriage, Mack sold Charla's wedding ring right off her finger. Allegedly he had to be court ordered to pay Charla $2,000 at one point so that she could have the utilities turned back on in the home she shared with his daughter. Allegedly Charla was unemployed and had no other income. She was reportedly totally dependent on Mack for living expenses and financial support. Allegedly Mack was not making the payments on the home as he was ordered, and the home was being foreclosed on.
Reportedly Mack had at one time threatened Charla that if she didn't go along with the financial plan that he proposed, he would declare bankruptcy and destroy her. He subsequently did declare bankruptcy and it had not been heard in court as yet. After filing bankruptcy, Mack was still allegedly living a lavish lifestyle and taking expensive trips and vacations.

Mack had been to the media making complaints against the judge.


Between Charla's murder and the shooting of the judge, Mack is alleged to have met Daniel Osborne and Mack's daughter for coffee. Osborne is allegedly the friend who picked the daughter up at her mother's home. There may have been a long time lag between the time when Osborne had suspicions of Charla's death and when he reported to police. Mack had a student pilot's license. More mention of Mack's access to firearms. A description of Mack's financial status.



Judge Weller was told weeks ago that Mack had set out on a compaign to ruin him. Claims internet and blogs attacks to ruin his reputation.




Family and friends of Charla Mack say that she was often afraid for her life and she begged them, that if she was killed to get the story out about her.


The message left for Mack's cousin shortly after allegedly shooting the judge:

"'If anything happens to me, please make sure that the true story about the injustices that are going on in that courtroom get out to the media and the public.'"

More details about the marriage and the financial details.


My comment: I think the message is getting out very well. Though since the murder of Charla Mack and the shooting of Judge Weller, the news is becoming more about the murder and attempted murder and the escape of the fugitive and nationwide search for him. Though there has been quite a bit of attention to the "millionaire swinger" lifestyle of the fugitive as one article describes him. When I Googled his name this morning, I found more than 345 hits on his name, and that was just in the news section.


Timeline of murders:


Audio of 911 call on the judges shooting:


It appears that Osborne, the witness to Charla's murder, was Mack's roommate.



On the credit card used at the Sacremento airport- "We think it is a high probability he was there but it was not a 100 percent confirmed sighting,"  They are checking video surveillance footage.

The vehicle hasn't been located- a silver 2006 Ford Explorer, licence plate number 5POR272. Police say he could have changed vehicles.

He had a student pilot's license, but would not be able to rent an aircraft by himself. Never  the less, police are checking both public and private airports and rental agencies. There is a concern that he might leave the country.



Case profiled on AMW, additional evidence which was missing from the Charla Mack murder scene may have been found but police are not releasing the nature of the evidence, police are asking for Mack to turn himself in, or to at least make contact to give his side of the story. They say he doesn't even have to say where he is.


Funeral services have been made for Charla Mack. Family has asked for privacy. Weller has been at an undisclosed secure location since his dismissal from the hospital. No time frame has been set for his return to the bench. Custody of the minor child has gone to the paternal grandparents, with an open visitation to the maternal grandparents.



Charla Mack's funeral is today, 06/20/06.

More details about the investigation. Mack's cell phone records have been checked and the records show that he was in the downtown area at the time of the Judge's shooting. Boxes of ammunition were found in Mack's home along with materials that could be used to make a bomb. Also found was an empty rifle case.

And a witness has reported to police that Mack  "discussed hiring him to follow Judge Weller in the hope of proving that he was corrupt." 


Mack has not only been put on the FBI's most wanted list, police say as a result of tips recieved, the search has now gone global. They are saying what the tips are or what country or countries are being looked at.



Mack has been sighted in Mexico. He had contacted authorities earlier this week and they discussed surrender. However, Mack did not show up at the consulate as discussed and authorities fear he is on the run again.




The District Attorney has announced that Darren Mack has been arrested. They have not released any details or where the arrest took place, but has said that more information will be released later.


Mack surrendered at a hotel in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
on Thursday night. He is now in the custody of Mexican immigration authorities
and FBI. Reno police say the arrest came as a result of cooperation between Mexican authorities
and the FBI. Mack's attorney's say they are eager to begin his defense, and they say that
he voluntarily surrendered to be with his children and his family and to defend himself.
Charla Mack's family are planning a press conference for this afternoon.