He waited

Connie Smith, 50, had broken up with her boyfriend Lyle Quentin Brown. Family did not say why. They expressed surprise as to what happened. They say that Brown was employed as a truck driver and mechanic. They say the couple had their share of problems, but that Brown was not the violent type and they weren't aware of any criminal history though they did know that he drank.

Police say that Brown broke into McNeil's home on Sunday. She wasn't there so he waited until she returned. Police say he then shot her several times.

He then went to the sheriff's office and turned himself in and told authorities where to find the body.



I don't understand. First he broke into the home and waited there for her to come home. Time to consider the actions he was about to undertake. Then he shoots her, multiple times. Then he just goes to the sheriff's dept and turns himself in?

What possesses a person to murder another human being, knowing they will then be facing prison? Did he not have any good memories with her? Or did he think that by killing her, he would erase her from his life?

It doesn't work that way. Those memories, both the good and the bad will stay with him. During the trial, and during prison. Is it something to do with pride, that he didn't want people to know that she had broken it off with him? Everyone will know now. Is it a fear that she would pick up with someone else? Well, she won't be now, but neither will he.

So what did he accomplish with the murder, except to put himself in prison? Evidently he must have felt somewhat the same way, as he turned himself in.

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