Trial has to be postponed

The trial for Israel Evaro was to be held on Monday. He was facing charges for allegedly punching his girlfriend Jacqueline Ortiz in March. According to court records from the preliminary hearing, the two were allegedly in a car and were arguing. Reportedly Evaro then punched Ortiz injuring her eye and forehead. He then allegedly pulled her out of the car. However, that trial will have to be postponed as the main witness cannot be there to testify. 

Evaro was out on bail on those charges. Police have stated that on Tuesday the two were driving out in the country. They allege that Evaro doused Ortiz with gasoline and lit it. He then drove her to a medical center for treatment and she was transferred to a hospital.

Family has stated that she received burns over 55% of her body including her face and she is in critical condition.

Evaro has been arrested for arson, attempted murder, spousal abuse, and being under the influence of a controlled substance. Police have stated that Evaro also incurred burns on his arm and hands. 

Besides facing the current charges, and the charge of battery in March, Evaro has other criminal history including other charges of spousal abuse and drug possession, though some of those charges were dismissed.

Ortiz is the mother of two children. She also has other family who appear to be hurting over this. She is in critical condition, and may not survive. So Ortiz is not the only one suffering here. If she manages to survive, then there will be months of recuperation. And years of pain and scars both physical and emotional. She has two children who are undoubtedly scared- both for her and for themselves. And other family members who don't want to lose her.

Yes, she was with him. At least one article says they were dating again. As we know it isn't unusual for an abused person to go back with the abuser. Whether it is for love, for something they see or hope they see in the abuser, whether it is because they believe the apoligies they hear or because of financial reasons, sometimes they do go back.

Yet she is not to blame for what happened. Only the abuser is to blame for that. He would have had to face up to the past charges of abuse, but could still have made changes in his life, gotten help, and gone on with his life, made things better.

Instead, he tried to wipe out a witness against him. This doesn't change things for the better, it only makes it worse. Instead of facing charges of battery, now he is facing attempted murder. Charges that will undoubtedly be upgraded if she doesn't survive. Whatever "control" he was seeking in the relationship, is now gone. The control is now in the hands of the justice system then the prison system if he is convicted.

I hope that Jacqueline Ortiz does survive. Not so that system won't  be as hard on Evaro. But because she didn't deserve pain for trying to love.

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