Naked ‘Threat to Society’

Police say that 21 year old Rashon Delee had been stalking his ex-girlfriend Nicole Ingram for some time. She even had a restraining order on him. Allegedly Delee broke into her home about 2:30 am Sunday and attempted to choke her.

Police say that in self defense she stabbed him. At that point Delee took off and went to the hospital. Police picked him up at the hospital and took him for an arraignment. After the arraignment he was returned to the hospital and left in the custody of the sheriff's dept.

At the hospital Delee allegedly pushed a deputy over and took off. He was naked except for bandages and handcuffs. That was about 5:13 pm. Police at some point had deemed Delee to be a 'threat to society'. The manhunt lasted for three hours.

Around 8 pm Delee was picked up by police at the home of an aquaintance or relative. He was said to be dressed when he was returned to the jail.

He is now being held in the justice center, and police say he is facing felony charges of burglary and criminal contempt, plus a misdemeanor harassment count. He was also charged with on other warrants of additional counts of criminal contempt as well as criminal trespass, petit larceny and resisting arrest. Police say he will also be charged with escape.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a safety plan if a person needs to file for a restraining order on an abusive spouse or partner.

They say that while he was out running the streets trying to escape law enforcement officers, the temperatures were a chilly 58 degrees. I hope he really enjoyed his brief taste of freedom.

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