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Children get removed from their homes for a number of reasons……none of them good. It may have been neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, parents may become unable to care for them through drugs, imprisonment, or death. In every case they need to be placed in a safe supportive environment in order to help them overcome the challenges of their childhood.

I don't know why Ruth Tamas, 18, and her older sister Estera Tamas were placed in foster care. That is not why they are in the news today. Normally their names would not even be used. But they gave permission and Ruth has even talked with the media.

They were placed in a foster home in 2002, though one of the girls may have been there as early as 1998. That was the home of Enrique Fabregas, now 52.  Normally a person with a drug and weapons related criminal history would not be permitted to foster children or adopt. But in 1998, Fabregas had completed enough rehabilitation treatment that Court Commissioner Jim Doerty ruled that he be given a "certificate of rehabilitation." He was active in his church, sang in his choir, and had letters form other members and teachers praising him. He was involved with the local Big Brothers program. He was allegedly also romantically involved with the girl's mother. And there was a younger girl already in the home, a girl is is now 12. Fabregas had adopted her when she was a baby. He had met her mother in drug treatment.

Child welfare authorities have admitted that they received 8 complaints of sexual abuse between 2002 and 2004. Complaints from the sisters, and from others. But they say the girls always recanted, and the complaints were unsubstantiated. Records submitted to the court say there were a total of 26 complaints to DHS, eight of which were sexual in nature. In 2004, DHS asked Fabregas to undergo a sexual deviancy evaluation. When he refused, they removed the sisters from the home.

The younger girl was adopted however. And there were no substantiated complaints of abuse. So there weren't grounds for removing her and she was left in the home until Ruth's complaints in Feb of this year.

Though she had been removed from the home, Ruth Tamas didn't give up. In Feb. she told authorities about seeing a video of her older sister being abused. Reportedly when Estera was 12, Fabregas has begun dressing her in lingerie and photographing her in sexually suggestive poses. Allegedly within a few years that progressed fondling to having intercourse with her. Allegedly one of the girls did complain to the foster mother, but there is no indication what happened when that occurred.

Wed. police acted on a tip from Ruth Tamas and arrested Enrique Fabregas. A search of his home turned up child pornography, photos, computer records, lingerie, dress up props and videotapes most of which depicted the children in his care. They took three computers from the home and they found a file containing multiple identification cards and a checkbook, and credit cards, some of which have been identified as stolen. The youngest child who is now 12, has admitted to 2 incidents of sex assault. Allegedly the evidence shows the abuse began about 1999 and continued until 2005. Tamas has also alleged that she was sometimes forced to take alcohol and drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy.

Fabregas has been charged with suspicion of child rape, child molestation, sexual misconduct with a minor, indecent liberties with a minor, and possession of child pornography and stolen property. His attorney says that he denies the allegations.

Ruth Tamas says that she is relieved about the arrest. But says she is disgusted with the state because they ignored her complaints for so long. She explained the fact that they recanted as because they feared feared retaliation. She says they time they spent in the home was riddled with sex abuse. And she says she fears there may be other victims out there.

Dealing with teens can be difficult. Especially teens that came from a background of abuse or neglect. They don't always tell all they know, they may even lie. They are often distrustful of any adult but especially of adults in authority. Kids have also been known to make complaints in retaliation for some perceived wrongdoing of the person, without foundation.

But 29 complaints? Complaints ranging from neglect to physical abuse to sexual abuse? Complaints made by other persons not the children? You would think that after receiving multiple complaints that more of an investigation would be undertaken, even if the girls did "recant". You would think that if they could not fully substantiate the claims of sexual abuse that they would then refer to the police for criminal investigation, if they were unable to do so themselves. The police sure didn't seem to have much of a problem substantiating.

Oh yeah, and he has denied the charges. His attorney says that things are not always what they seem. It's going to be hard for him to defend himself against the pictures and videotapes. As they say, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.


There may be some problems with pressing criminal charges for sexual abuse, though the child pornography are being pressed. With the older girls, there may be conflicts with the statute of limitations.

The younger girl said during her interview that her father did not abuse her. Then later she called them and said that he had abused her, but that she didn't want to get him in 'bad trouble'. Investigators plan to have a child-interview expert to interview her.

According to police, during Fabregas' interview, he told several stories to explain the pornograhy. Allegedly one of the stories was that he was doing 'undercover' work for the Drug Enforcement Agency.



  1. madison h said,

    December 4, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    ruth tamas is a slut. She always has been, and sleeps around. At her work, she brags about having “fun” with the older men there. I mean she says “fun” with a wink and a nod. She will sleep with anything that has a pulse, and loves to be the center of attention that is why she gave permission to be named. Even though she allegedy went through what she claims, she sure does love to have her name out their STILL. She is the type of girl who will forever have problems. She is waiting on a million dollar settlement from the state, so she claims. That is one reason why she only now works one day a week, and will hardly ever show up on time. Guess she isnt worried about getting fired…with all that money coming in i guess i would’nt care either. good luck ruth. you will need it.

  2. janie lewis said,

    September 8, 2010 at 10:46 am

    what kind of person defends a pervert?! under ANY circumstances? and i personally know the Tamas family! they are not perfect but that doesn’t give you ANY right to publicly bash them! shame on you! obviously “Madison h” doesn’t like to share the spotlight so she has to defend a pervert just to get attention (cant even use her full last name if no one noticed). this site needs to take this slander and public degradation off! sincerely Janie Lewis, their sister.

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