Child caught up in parent’s argument

Little Micah Belcher Jr. is 10 months old. He was put into the hospital Thursday. Doctors say he is in good condition.

He is the 8 th child of his mother. Authorities say his 7 siblings were permently removed from his mother in 2003 which was prior to his birth. Allegedly it was due to abuse and neglect. Authorities also say they were not aware of little Michah being born.

His mother Tonya M. Edwards, 35, was in jail Fri. for suspicion of endangering children, domestic violence and felonious assault.

Allegedly Michah Belcher, Sr. 45, told police on Thursday that he had refused to give Edwards money. And that she then threw hot oil on him and and the boy, then took little Michah into the kitchen where he was hurt. Edwards has allegedly told police that her husband punched her and that the baby was hurt accidently. She denys cutting the baby's ear. "I bit [his] ear by accident" according to a police report. Doctors have told police that the injury was caused by a sharp object, not teeth.  

It has been said that little Michah had hit an important milestone in his development on Thursday prior to the violence. He had taken his first 10 steps.

A person who answered the phone at the home told the media that he was Edwards' landlord and had known her since she was 14. He said that she was a good mother and grandmother. Her 19 year old daughter just had a baby boy two weeks ago.

Edwards has a prior criminal history. She has previous charges on her record of soliciting, abusing drugs and endangering children.

Authorities have said the chances of Edwards ever getting the child back are very slim.

He said/she said and the child cannot talk to say what really happened to him. But there may be evidence at the scene and there are doctor's statements to help clarify what happened.

Little Michah wasn't arguing with his mother or his father. He was just doing what kids do naturally. Growing and learning. Yet some how he got caught up in his parents argument, through no fault of his own. What a reward for learning to walk.

What has happened, though bad may be a blessing. Little Michah may now have a chance for a loving home where he can be safe.

How the heck do you "accidently" bite a child's ear anyway?

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