Real Satisfying.

Valencia Jones went for a drive Thursday when she ran into her ex-boyfriend. Literally.

Police say that she saw her ex-boyfriend Roy Anderson, with another woman in the car with him and that drove her into a jealous rage. Anderson has said that when she saw him, she looked mad. And then she sideswiped his car. He swerved and hit a pickup truck. That truck turned out to be a vehicle owned by the police dept. and was being driven by a police officer.

But she wasn't done yet. She allegedly made a U-turn and came back aimed for Anderson's car and hit it. Then she jumped out and began physically assaulting Anderson. Before officers could restrain her, she then assaulted the female passenger with a shoe. (a shoe???)

There were no physical injuries, but Jones has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

The woman in the car? Allegedly she was a co-worker who had needed a ride because her son had her car.

I wonder what she would have done if she had seen him with a date? I also wonder if she feels any better now?

Let's see……likely she ruined any slight possibility of ever reuniting with the ex-boyfriend. She severely damaged her car. Since it was intentional, insurance probably won't cover the damages to her car, and maybe not to his car and the police department truck. That means she will be paying for it out of her pocket.

And, now everybody in that area knows that she assaulted the couple. And everyone will know she is a "woman scorned" as one article put it. And if that humiliation isn't enough, she will also be going to court on felony charges. And a police officer who was involved in the accident will likely be testifying against her. She could be facing jail or prison, and she could lose her driver's license. (Hint: if you are planning an "accident", always try not to involve a police vehicle, they tend to get get a bit testy about things like that).

Yep, I bet that was real satisfying. (I'm just being sarcastic again).


The Green Eyed Monster

Amanda Kates was in a triangle. She was living with Brandon S. Dennison, 20. Yet reportedly when her ex-boyfriend and father of her two children Enrique Santana was released from jail, she apparently began seeing him also.

Santana had served a 6 months jail term and was just released on Wed. He had been incarcerated on charges of terroristic threats and assault. Within the last 15 months, Ms. Kates had filed for two protection from abuse orders against him according to court records.

Early on Thurs. Kates and Santana were leaving a party together. According to witnesses, Dennison shot Santana in the leg. Santana ran to Kate's car and they started to drive away. Dennison then fired about 6 shots at the vehicle. Kates was driving.

Kates was shot in the head, and subsequently crashed the vehicle into some shubbery and another car. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dennison fled after the shooting, but was later apprehended. He is currently hospitalized. Police have declined to comment on how he recieved his injury and have decliined to comment on whether Santana had a weapon and shot also.

Prior to the shooting, Dennison's criminal record consisted of a drug related crime in 2005 and trying to pass a counterfeit $50 bill in 2004. He is now charged with criminal homicide, attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

Guess he showed her didn't he? She will never go out with anyone else again. Of course she will never go out wtih him either, she will never smile at him again. And he may never have another "date" outside of prison.

Not to mention there are two kids without a mother. She won't be there to dry their tears or smile at them either.

Murder doesn't cure the jealousy problem. It just creates more problems!