Angry and upset

Andrew Pakhomov has filed a complaint of harrassment against his stepdaughter Aleksandra Zakin. This is not the first complaint he has filed. On May 24, there was also a complaint filed against his wife Yelena Zakin on charges of domestic violence assault and criminal mischief as a result of a domestic dispute at Pakhomov's office. She was due in court on that charge on June 8, but authorities know she won't be there. Fishermen found Yelena Zakin's body floating in the river on June 1. There was a bag of rocks tied around her neck. Authorities say she died of strangulation.

Aleksandra Zakin explains the harrassment charge as her being upset. She says that she is frustrated that her stepfather won't talk to police about her mother's death. She says that they had gotten together to choose pictures of her mother for her memorial service.

"He has been acting very calm, and that was frustrating to me. I raised my voice at him. I wanted to know too many answers to too many questions," "I wanted to know why he's always around his lawyers. I really want him to cooperate with the police and help with the investigation."

Zakin says she was aware there were problems in her mother and stepfather's relationship. She says that she was aware of domestic violence problems. She also says that her mother thought that Pakhomov was being unfaithful. And she says that police have verified this.

Police are not calling Pakhomov a suspect in Zakin's death. But they say they haven't ruled him out either. They say they have done a lot of witness interviews and they have a lot of evidence they are going through. Some of the evidence has been sent for testing, and they are waiting on the results.

It isn't uncommon for family problems to happen after a death. One of the stages of the grieving process is anger. Sometimes that anger is turned against the deceased, sometimes against other family members or friends, and sometimes against the person who may have been most closely involved in the death.

Under these circumstances I would be asking questions too. And I can't really blame her for being upset.

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