“This should never have happened.”

A wife Kathy Kelly, 50, is grieving, but considering herself lucky. On Fri. she went to visit a cousin for a few days. When she returned on Monday, she found the garage door open and her husband's car gone. She found her husband Gregory Kelly, 55,  face down in their bedroom closet. She said that his arms had been cut off. The coroner has said that he died of strangling, but refused to discuss the condition of the body. 

State patrol recovered his car yesterday. And not far from the car they found a man who refused to give his name or cooperate with the patrolmen. He was later identified as Aaron Kelly, 24, the victim's son. A search of the vehicle turned up evidence that police believe is connected to the death of his father.

Mrs. Kelly is his stepmother. And she says that the stepson never liked her. He was unemployed and had lived with them off and on, and had returned to the home in Jan.

She has been on medical leave, she is employed as a corrections officer for criminally insane inmates, and she says she saw signs of mental illness in Aaron Kelly. She theorizes that he may have had a psychotic break.

She was afraid of him, and says that there had been some friction between her and her husband over the stepson. She says that she has recieved threats and intimidation from Aaron. But she says that in his father's eyes Aaron could do no wrong. However, Gregory had agreed not to let Aaron stay at the house alone with her. "He's a wonderful man," she said. "This should never have happened." But she says that she never thought Aaron would hurt his father.

Police have filed a complaint alleging that Aaron Kelly murdered his father by stabbing and strangling.

"If it wasn't for the grace of God, that would have been me laying there," she said. "He saved me."


It does sound as though she is very fortunate that she did choose that weekend to visit with her cousin.

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