She would’t wake up

Rue "Ruby" Woodburn, 45, was a grandmother of 6 grandchildren. Neighbors have said that she was a good mother and grandmother. That she had raised her two daughters and took in four more.

Two or three months ago she had married  Johnny Lee Hill, 32. Hill was employed at a landscaping company. He did have a criminal history of conviction for armed robbery, dealing in stolen property and several drug offenses.

According to court records, Hill was arrested on a domestic violence/battery charge on May 21, 2006 (two weeks ago). According to her daughter, Hill had tried to grab Woodburn's purse. But she had hung on, and he bit her. He was arrested, but released the next day on bond. He was ordered to stay away from Woodburn and her house.

However, at some point Woodburn had let him move back in, though he was to stay in a separate room from her.  

Woodburn was in the habit of having her grandchildren to stay overnight with her, especially durning the summer. And Sunday night, three of the grandkids (ages 9, 7, and 6, two brothers and a cousin) were with her. They have said they heard arguing Sunday night, but they fell asleep.

They got up on Monday morning, but there was no breakfast. So they began watching a movie in the bedroom. It is unknown how  many times they  came out of the bedroom. But they became concerned when they couldn't wake their grandmother who was lying on the kitchen floor. So they went to a friend and neighbor of their grandmother's for assistance. Police will only say she died during a violent struggle. But the  6 year old has said that his grandmother was on the kitchen floor, and that a cord from a fan was wrapped around her neck and that she was bleeding from her mouth.

The neighbor went to the house and found her long time friend.

Police were called, and they began looking for her husband. They found him hiding in a car nearby. He has been charged with 2 nd degree murder.,0,6243272.story?coll=orl-home-headlines

She raised her own children and took in others. She had her grandchildren over to stay a lot. Likely, Hill was aware that if he worded it right, he was back in the home. Very probably he told her that he had nowhere else to stay. And being the type of woman she was, she let him back in the home. I thought it was interesting that he was to stay in a separate room. That seems to me to be an indication that she wasn't real comfortable with him being there. Yet she couldn't bring herself to deny him a place to stay, no matter what he done to her.

And the husband. He didn't stay, but didn't run very far. And he hid in a car! Nearby! It makes me wonder if he didn't have trouble committing. He couldn't make up his mind whether to stay or run. So he froze halfway in between. And he left those three little kids, in the house, alone, with only the dead body of their grandmother, and he left it up to them to do something.

This sounds like a really close family. Those daughters are going to have a hard time adjusting to being without their mother. And those grandkids. The summer is just beginning. Yet instead of spending this summer with their grandmother as they usually do, they will be trying to adjust to her being gone. And those memories of the past summers staying with Grandma, will be tainted with their last memory and what happened the last time they stayed with her.

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