She wasn’t going to ruin his life

 This one is iffy. Not too many are willing to say how these two are connected. But something started this.

Kimberly Wyatt, 27, was a divorced young mother of two girls ages 6 and 4. She was employed as a practical nurse at a prison. Saturday night she pulled into a church parking lot to talk with a friend, a guard from the prison. Huston Lloyd drove by, then turned around and returned.

Huston Lloyd, 48, pulled in and began shooting. During the shooting the 6 year old girl managed to get into the witness's truck. The 4 year old was hit as she exited her mother's vehicle trying to follow her sister. After shooting Wyatt, Lloyd walked away slightly and made a cell phone call. Wyatt managed to crawl under the witnesses truck, but Lloyd dragged her out and put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. The witness has said that at some point Lloyd shouted  "She would not ruin my life anymore."

Wyatt was dead when law enforcement arrived she had been hit 9 times with shots from a 9mm handgun. The little 4 year old girl was airlifted to the hospital, but later passed away. The 6 year old little girl was physically unharmed, and was turned over to her grandmother.

Lloyd drove off after the shooting, but was captured less than an hour later, after a chase. He has been charged with two counts of first degree premeditated murder. Prosecutors say they may ask for the death penalty. Bail has been denied for him. He asked for a court appointed attorney, but that was denied as he has assets and is not impoverished.

Lloyd was married, a registered nurse and he also worked for the correctional system, though at a different facility. Authorities have said that the two had attended a convention together, but they are declining to discuss any other connection between the two.

But Kim Wyatt's landlord says she had told him that she was planning to move to get away from a bad situation. Though he hadn't thought it was because of Lloyd. "He told me they were friends, that's what he told me. But I seen them kissing or holding hands. But I had seen them together."

He thought that she was ruining his life? Let's see…..he was married, she wasn't. Did they have an affair? Was that her "crime"? "If" they had an affair, most usually an affair has the consent of both  parties. So if he consented to an affair, he must have known there was always a chance that he might be found out. She didn't need to ruin his life. He did a good job of that all on his own.

Not only did he ruin his own life, he ruined her life, the life of the 4 year old, and it will be a struggle for the 6 year old. Not to mention his wife and any other family he may have.

Thanks to him there is a little girl out there who has lost her mother and her little sister. And it happened right in front of her, while she was afraid for her own life. She is only 6. How is she supposed to process that she will never see her mother or sister again, and that her life has permanently changed forever?

The death of the little 4 year old girl, running for her life and not making it has hit this community hard. Medical personnel, sheriff's deputies and the prosecutors office as well as the rest of the community are all having a hard time on this one.