No clear motive

There was a dispute Sunday between Marilyn Ann Echols, 42, and Cedric Marice Love, 31. I haven't found a mention of what their relationship was, but they did have two children together. Also present was the children's grandmother Mollie Echols Carlisle, 59.

Police initially got a call about a shooting at 5:47 am. A minute later they got a call about an ambulance being needed at a different address.

When police responded to the area of the shooting, they found evidence that the shooting did occur there. But the victims were found at the address of the second call. They were found in their vehicle which had struck a tree. Police say they are not quite sure what caused the accident. They found Cedric Love near the scene of the accident.

Mollie Echols Carlisle, 59, was shot multiple times in the chest area around 5:45 am. She was pronounced dead later that morning at the hospital.

Marilyn Ann Echols, 42, was also transported to the hospital. She had been shot multiple times in the leg and  is in critical condition.

Police have arrested Cedric Love and charged him with one count of capital murder and one count of assault in the first degree.

Police say the motive for the shooting is not clear at this time.!news!localnews

I always wonder when there are children to be considered, if the person who caused the violence even thought about the affect it would have on the children. The children will learn that their grandmother was killed. And at some point they will learn that she died and their mother was injured, at their fathers hands.

I guess I should know. He didn't think of them, or their grandmother would still be alive.

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