Five recovered, one still missing

Jessica Heird is 20 years old. She is 6 months pregnant with her fourth child.

In 2002  she was 16 years old, she was a runaway. She was found in  Las Vegas on a complaint of child neglect and her two children were placed with her mother. She ran away agains with Edward Leader who is now 37. Between them they have 6 kids. Heird has 3 and Leader has 3 from a previous relationship.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reportedly tipped off US Marshalls that the couple were in Mexico and that they were selling their children. Five of the children have been recovered. Some article's say that one of Leader's children is still missing in Mexico, some articles say that it is Heird's 18 month old daughter that is missing.

Now that Heird is in custody, the grandmother is waiting until she can bring her grandchildren home. It is unknown who the children were sold to, or for how much money.

Heird and Leader were already wanted on kidnapping chiarges for allegedly kidnapping the children from their grandmother. Charges cannot be filed for selling the children as that allegedly took place in Mexico.  The couple were taken into custody in Tijuana. They are now in  San Diego jails awaiting extradition back to Arizona.,2933,198185,00.html

Where do I start? At 16, she had two children. Some of the articles seem to indicate that the children were fathered by Leader, who would have been 33 at the time. Now if she had two kids by the age of 16, she would have had to have been at least 15 when she was pregnant (possibly 13 or 14 the first time, if the children were not twins). Was Leader ever charged with sex abuse? And if not, why not?

And how did Leader come to have his 3 children from a previous relationship? And what will happen to them now? 6 kids in the hands of these two "adults". I refuse to call them parents.

It is not clear which child is missing, either Heird's 18 month old daughter, or one of Leader's children. No mention of where the children are now or who they are with. And no mention of what the grandmother is going through.

First, you know she has to worry about that daughter. Running away, 3 1/2 children by the age of 20. Then when she gets custody of the grandchildren, the daughter kidnaps the children and disappears again. She then has to worry about the grandchildren again.

And what kind of a life have these children had? On the run, with two people like this? Then at some point they get sold to strangers. Now that possibly could have been an improvement in their lives, but somehow I don't trust the judgement of these two when it comes to finding a proper placement for the kids.

One child still missing. Unknown age, I hope that they find the child.


I have found what I believe may be the original missing posters for Jessica Heird and her two children from 2002 disappearance.


Two of the children                           


The missing child is Leaders 16 year old daughter. She is considered a runaway and is likely still in Mexico. The two youngest children were the ones who had been sold, and they have both been recovered and authorities say they will be returned to their grandmother.

Leader denies selling the children and he alleges that he went to Mexico to keep his children safe. He alleges abuse by his soon to be ex-wife toward him.

Leader speaks to the media. He denies selling his two youngest children. He also denies trying to force his 16 year old daughter Jenny Anna Leader to become a prostitute as investigators have alleged. Leader also denied knowing that Heird was a minor when he met her, then he said “She was 16, something like that. I don’t remember how old she was.” Leaders ex-wife says that she is going to file for custody of her children.

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