Aging parent

As much as the parent hates to admit it, as the children grow up, the parents age. Eventually, the child becomes the stronger one, and the parent the weaker one.

Eric Moldowan, 37, lived with his parents. Police say they have received calls to the address before in parent-child disputes. But they say it was nothing like this.

Moldowan's father was not at home Thurs. when a dispute began between Moldowan and his 70 year old mother. Allegedly Moldowan beat his mother then tied her up and locked her in a closet. He then left in his parents vehicle. She was able to free herself and call for assistance.

Police say she had lacerations to her neck and one to her hand. She was advised by paramedics to go to a hospital for medical treatment, but she refused.

While police were there, Moldowan drove back by the home, and he was subsequently arrested. He has been charged withaggravated domestic battery, kidnapping, domestic battery, unlawful restraint, aggravated battery of a senior citizen and unlawful possession of a stolen automobile.

Ok, he is 37 years old. His parents are still providing him with a home. Yet he feels the dispute is serious enough to beat his mother, tie her up, and lock her in a closet. I guess it never occurred to him to just move out did it?


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  1. marc moldowan said,

    September 24, 2006 at 7:25 am

    this web post is an atrocity as well as libelous!
    How in gods green earth can you comment on this event without the facts?
    Fact: eric is bi-polar (like millions of others) and was off medication for 6 months and was not even aware that the person he attacked was his mother!
    fact: police shoved papers in front of his mother and said sign this. when my dad asked what they were doing they threatened to arrest him too! My mother would have never signed those papers if she wasn’t so disorentated and shook up over this event.
    Fact: event was unprovoked ( no arguement was taking place) and a caused by his severe bi-polar illness that wasn’t being treated properly by his asshole doctor.
    eric is now back at home with parents and just fine… except he has to deal with a possible 13 year jail sentence because of the asshole lincolnshire police and their tactics.

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