A child of three

Melissa Wright, 28 was a mother of three young children. She lived in a rent subsidized apt. complex and neighbors never seen anything out of the way. Except once. Neighbors say that she was taking the child to "care" and when she brought him out she had him covered up with a towel.

She had begun dating a man about 2 months prior and evidently he was helping the mother by providing care for the children. According to the police dept. "She chose to allow that individual to stay in her home and care for that child and that is certainly not a good thing to do when you know that a child is in danger."

Wednesday Wright ran screaming into a store. In her SUV which was parked outside was 3 year old Alexander Wright. Her son was unresponsive, covered in cigarette burns, bruises and ligature marks. Paramedics were called, but little Alex was pronounced dead upon his arrival at the hospital. Melissa Wright told police that her boyfriend caused the injuries. She also said she was aware of the injuries, but she continued to allow the boyfriend to care for her children.

Police are saying that in the home was a "torture chair". They are saying little Alex suffered multiple traumatic injures, as well as being duct taped to the chair and tortured. Police say the abuse happened over a prolonged period of time and that there were bruises in various stages of healing.

Melissa Wright has been arrested and charged with to a child by omission. Meaning that she knew her child was being abused, but did nothing about it.

Her other two children ages 11 months and two years old were placed in with their biological father. CPS says they have been examined and showed no signs of injury. CPS also says they do not have a record of any previous problems with the family.

Police were looking for the boyfriend as a "person of interest". He turned himself in to the police station late on Thursday, and police have interviewed him and are seeking charges against him. His name has not been released as yet.




Three kids, ages 3 and under. Caring for them could not have been easy. Yet no one should expect that parenting is easy whether it is one child or three. Yet I can see where this mother might have been overwhelmed with three kids of these ages. And I can see where she might have been grateful for finding someone to help her in providing that care.

But how can a mother see multiple bruises, cigarette burns and ligature marks appear on her child, and not do something about it? How could she not hurt for the pain her child was suffering? How could she not take steps to prevent it from happening again? How could she allow it to continue?

She didn't report it. She didn't kick the boyfriend out. There isn't even any evidence as yet that she asked for help from anyone. She just allowed it to continue.

I'm sure that once the boyfriend is charged, more will come out on this. And likely there will be other accusations. Because the only child capable of telling what happened in that home is dead and unable to tell what happened. But when the mother allowed those injuries to be inflicted on her child, she is as guilty as if she had abused the child herself.

Often what happens in this type of case is that the boyfriend will start blaming the mother. But no matter who was inflicting the injuries, the other stood by and let it happen. And I notice that when little Alex was injured, the mother is the one who sought help for him. The boyfriend didn't turn himself in till later, after police had already begun looking for him.


Aging parent

As much as the parent hates to admit it, as the children grow up, the parents age. Eventually, the child becomes the stronger one, and the parent the weaker one.

Eric Moldowan, 37, lived with his parents. Police say they have received calls to the address before in parent-child disputes. But they say it was nothing like this.

Moldowan's father was not at home Thurs. when a dispute began between Moldowan and his 70 year old mother. Allegedly Moldowan beat his mother then tied her up and locked her in a closet. He then left in his parents vehicle. She was able to free herself and call for assistance.

Police say she had lacerations to her neck and one to her hand. She was advised by paramedics to go to a hospital for medical treatment, but she refused.

While police were there, Moldowan drove back by the home, and he was subsequently arrested. He has been charged withaggravated domestic battery, kidnapping, domestic battery, unlawful restraint, aggravated battery of a senior citizen and unlawful possession of a stolen automobile.  


Ok, he is 37 years old. His parents are still providing him with a home. Yet he feels the dispute is serious enough to beat his mother, tie her up, and lock her in a closet. I guess it never occurred to him to just move out did it?

Sustained strained relationship

911 gets a call Tuesday. The woman indicates she has just returned home and found her husband Blaine Craker, 45, lying dead on the floor.

Investigators say they first thought it was a suicide. Then the autopsy was completed. Cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds to the head and the death was ruled a homicide.

Police have arrested the wife Susan Lee Craker, 42. She has been charged with one count of second-degree murder. They say she has now confessed to the crime and that she did express remorse after her arrest.

She also has told that the marriage had problems. Possibly a sustained strained relationship over several years. Police say there are no reports of domestic violence at the home, but they will be investigating the couple's relationship.




It is hard to read from what the police is telling media. They seem to be implying some type of domestic violence. But then again they also say there were no reports of domestic violence and they don't indicate any signs of a struggle or any wounds on Craker. The lack of police reports in itself doesn't mean that much. Many times domestic violence is not reported. Many women won't report, and even if police are called by someone else or if they end up going to the hospital, they will deny the abuse. And many times what is known in an investigation doesn't show up in the media.

However a "strained" relationship is certainly not a reason for murder. And if domestic violence was a part of this it likely won't be discussed much until the trial.