Domestic Violence, Custody, Visitation and the Children

In all of the legal aspects of a divorce or separation, the issues dealing with the children are usually the hottest contested. Whether it is custody, visitation or child support the disagreements get hot and often whole families are involved.

Wed. there was a shooting at a courthouse. The inital explanation was that it was the result of a custody dispute. However, more details are now coming out.

First let me explain who are the parties involved. Brandy Cook and Robert Hunter were once married. They have two children a 4 year old son and an 18 month old daughter. Also involved are John Christopher Lee Sr., stepfather to Brandy and Debra Parker, the mother of Robert Lee.

First let's go back to the divorce in April of 2004. Brandy filed charges of abuse against Robert Lee. She alleged that he had pushed their son who was two at the time, and that he had put her into a headlock and threatened to kill her. She was pregnant at the time with their second child. Robert Lee Hunter was convicted of third degree domestic violence and placed on probation for a year. Court records also show that Hunter has a further criminal history: guilty of third-degree assault on Nov. 12, 1998; carrying a concealed weapon on Jan. 13, 2000; third-degree domestic violence on Aug. 26, 2004; and driving under the influence on April 14, 2005.

April of 2006 the case was back in court for contempt alleging that Cook denied Hunter his court ordered visitation. She was given a $100 fine and 5 days in jail. Court records show that she cited his criminal history as her reason for denying the visitation.

Wed. they were back in court. The judge had just ordered that Debra Parker and Robert Lee Hunter be given a two week visitation with the chidren. And as they exited the courthouse carrying the children, John Christopher Lee Sr. approached them and began shooting at Debra Parker and Robert Lee Hunter.

The children were not harmed. But Parker and Hunter are in critical condition but some reports are now saying they are stable.

John Christopher Lee Sr., was arrested and charged with 2 counts of attempted murder. He has since been released on bond.

I am not going to comment on this one at this time. However, I would be interested in what everyone one else has to say.

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