Too young

At 7 months it is hard to tell what her awareness might be of the events that have been swirling around her. She may be aware of loud voices, she may be aware of the absence of certain people in her life. It is hard to determine how much she might be aware of the violence. But certainly she is too young to be aware of how the events that have happened could affect her life, and too young to voice her opinion of those events.

Her mother Kim McNeal was in a vehicle with her paternal great grandfather Bob Wiles, and with Jimmy Wiles, Bob Wiles' grandson. They were parked in front of Bob Wiles' home. There was dispute over her.

Her great grandfather, Wiles allegedly shot her mother in the forehead with a .22 caliber handgun. She got out of the car and tried to run, however Wiles got out of the car also and went to the driver's side where he shot McNeal in the back.

Jimmy Wiles was successful in getting the handgun from his grandfather, however Bob Wiles went into his home and came out with a shotgun. He then shot himself.

Her grandmother was in the home, and at some point developed a medical problem and she also had to be transported to the hospital. She remains in the hospital, but no further information is available on her condition.

Both her mother Kim McNeal and her grandfather were transported to separate hospitals, where they have been reported to be in critical condition. However, one article mentioned that both are expected to survive.

No charges have been filed as yet, but there was a mention of attempted murder and felonious assault. Likely those will have to wait until Bob Wiles' condition shows some improvement.

She is 7 months old. And her mother is in the hospital in critical condition, her great grandfather is also in the hospital in critical condition, and her great grandmother is also hospitalized. Her great grandfather is looking at facing charges of attempted murder and felonious assault.

She is too young to know exactly what happened, too young to know how it will affect her life and her future, and too young to be able to have an opinion on the events. And these events will likely have a major affect on her life, as her mother will likely be hospitalized for a while, if she recovers she will still need some recuperation time after her discharge from the hospital. There will potentially be some repercussions that could interfere with her relationship with her father. And I really have to wonder, if she was old enough to be aware and if she could talk- I wonder what her reaction to the events might have been.

Bob Wiles most likely felt he had good reason for his actions. Who knows what led up to it. Could possibly have been over treatment of the baby or custody or visitation issues. But the problem is that whatever the issues were that led up to the violence, they are less likely to be improved or resolved now.

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