Stephen J. Austin, 26, had his own residence, but went to visit his mother frequently as she had been in poor health. His brother 22-year-old brother, Jonathan N. Austin resided with his mother.

On Thurs. the brothers argued. It is believed that Stephen struck his brother in the head with a crowbar and then strangled him. Allegedly, he then took his brothers body to a field a short distance away and dismembered him. He then took the body parts and tools and began to bury them along the highway.

Police received a report from a relative that Stephen had been seen with a body in his vehicle. They put out a bulletin and began searching for him. They were able to locate him and pull him over. A search of the vehicle found some of the body parts in the vehicle.

Stephen Austin has been charged with criminal homicide, abusing a corpse, and tampering with or fabricating evidence. Police have not released a motive for the crime.

By all reports, Jonathon was a talented musician and had built a music studio in the garage of the parents home where the murder occurred.

The relationship between siblings is complicated. Often it is composed of some mixture of love, jealousy, pride, protectiveness, anger, and frustration. A very confusing mix at times. And, often a sibling will know more about another sibling than even the parents.

One brother had a musical talent, and was residing in the parents home. The other brother had established his  own residence and family.

Breaking into the music industry is not an easy thing. It takes time, money and almost a single minded dedication. Sacrifices are often made by the participants, and sometimes sacrifices are made by their families also.

Why it happened? The relationship between siblings is so complicated that it could be any number of things. It might be something that happened recently. Or it may be something that has acculmulated over time.

Losing a child is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent. And when that child is lost violently- the need for retribution can be overwhelming. Often when parents lose a child, they want to cling to the other child. And it is also a parents first instinct to want to defend their child during times of trouble. 

Yet during a time of intense grief, one of their children sits in jail, accused of murder. These parents are caught in a conflict, they have lost one child at the hands of the other child. Which means that they have not only lost one child- they could lose the other.


Stephen Austin was recently reconciled with his wife. A local attorney described him ''As far as I know he was a working man, a family man, a father, a husband,'' ''This man had it all going for him. He had it all together. That's why it's a total shock to me. I feel bad. I feel really bad for this family.'',0,6609924.story?coll=all-newslocal-hed


In roaming around the blogs I came across these entries on this case. Shadowraiths has come up with a lot more information, and has drawn some interesting conclusion. (And he is also an excellent writer- very clear and informative)

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