Families that party together, may not stay together

911 was called out this morning, on a report of a person not breathing. Police and emergency crews arrived and found 19 year old Charles Bruener lying on the sidewalk in front of the mobile home.

But they were told that he was not who the call was about. The person who was not breathing was inside. Inside the home, police found 16 year old Dwayne Carroll, not breathing. Emergency aid was given, but they were unable to revive him.

Charles Bruener and a 17 year old girl were transported to the hospital. There has been no word about Bruener's condition and the 17 year old girl was treated and released. Police believe that they overdosed on some type of drug, but will not know for sure what drug was ingested until lab tests and the autopsy toxicology report are completed.

Police have placed Betsy Carroll, 34 and Charles Bruener Jr., 35 under arrest for charges of unlawful transaction with a minor. Bruener is also charged with selling a controlled substance to a minor. 

Bruener is the father of the 19 year old and Carroll was the mother of 16 year old Dwayne Carroll. The parents, Bruener and Carroll may have been dating.



A person who sells drugs to kids is bad. But to sell the drugs to their own minor child? It is bad enough that the parents chose to use drugs. But to then give drugs to their sons? It is no secret, I hate drugs. But they were adults, and if they chose to use drugs, then they had no one to blame but themselves if there was a problem. I also don't believe the excuse of "I was under the influence" is a good reason for reducing any sentencing, if they choose to do the drugs then they take the consequences for any behavior they have while under the influence. And I guess that you could say the same about the 19 year old. But the 16 year old son and the 17 year old girl? I don't think any parent should be under the influence in front of or around their children. Not only do they risk harming them while under the influence, but kids see what parents do- a lot of times they want to do it too! This was not just an accident. This death occurred as a result of a crime committed by the parents, selling their drugs to their own kids.

I hope the 19 year old Bruener makes it. And I hope he will get treatment for the drugs, and that what has happened will scare him badly enough to stop him from even thinking about doing drugs again. I can always hope.

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