National and International Missing Children’s Day

In 1983 President Regan set aside May 25 as National Missing Children's Day in the US. Canada and the European Commission has also declared May 25 as Missing Children's Day.

I encourage everyone to check out the links I have listed below and become familiar with the faces of the missing children. And to keep an eye out for them as you go about your daily activities. It is horrible for any parent to lose a child, in any way. But to not know the fate of a child, to not know if they are alive or dead, hungry or cold, or whether they are being mistreated- to me, that is so much worse.

So get familiar with those faces and watch for them. Many of the sites have posters you can print and put up in your area. We need to bring these kids home. Info about the Missing Children's Day:




Missing Children's sites:

Yes, that is a lot of missing children's websites. But there are many more sites out there that I haven't listed. There are a lot of missing children, some have been missing a short time, some have been missing for years. They all need to be brought home.


An interesting article about Missing Children. Would you notice if you came across a missing child?



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