Too many of these

Caique Souza, 11, was a popular and outgoing 6 th grader. He had recently become an older brother, and happily talked about his new little 5 month old brother at school.

His mother Carla, 37, has been reported as friendly and a devoted mother, she was a regular attendee at the local Mormon Church, which she had attended for about  8 years. Originally from Brazil, she had been in the US for 6 years. Caique was born during her first marriage, and the new baby during her second marriage.

She was married to Jeremias Bins, 30. Bins was also from Brazil and had been in the US for three years. The couple was married at the Mormon Church, but reportedly the church was a known problem with the couple. Allegedly Bins thought she spent too much time at the church and there may have been problems with whether or not he would join.

Sat. just after 11 pm, Carla Souza called 911 and frantically reported a problem with her husband and requested police assistance.

Police arrived a minute later. They found both Caique and Souza lying in a pool of blood in the bedroom, their heads beaten and a hammer nearby. There was also a cordless phone, still connected to a 911 dispatcher. Both later died from the injuries.

Police were not aware there was a baby who lived in the apartment, until Jeremias Bins showed up at the police department and he got out of the taxi with the baby. The baby was unharmed. Bins was placed under arrest and the baby was placed with Children's services.

The Dept. of Social Services has said they have not had prior contact with the family and police say they had never been to couple's address before.

There are way too many of these. Couples with no known history of abuse, and out of the blue one or more of the family is dead.

I can understand that a couple would have daily frustrations. And I can understand anger in a relationship at times. But the kind of rage it would take for a husband to beat his wife with a hammer, and killing her and her 11 year old son I cannot understand. Especially in this country, where a divorce can often be easily obtained, and where there is no law against a man just walking away.

Someday that child will grow up. And someday he may learn that he was born to a mother who loved him, and a brother who loved him. And that he lost his mother and brother at the hands of his own father. What kind of legacy is that for a father to leave his child?

I want to mention here, that I cannot imagine what the dispatcher is going through. After they dispatched police, they helplessly hung onto the phone. There was nothing else they could do, but listen.  

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