It’s confusing

On April 10, Travon Howard, 32, allegedly shot his wife Natasha Howard, 25,  in the shoulder. Before police arrived he then forced his wife and his 17 month old son and his 3 year old stepdaughter into a vehicle. He then drove his wife to a nearby hospital and dropped the children off at his mother's home.

Authorities were searching for Travon Howard after the shooting. There was a $250,000 warrant for his arrest.

On May 19, he allegedly highjacked Natasha Howard and her vehicle from her mother's driveway. In the car with her was her 18 month old  nephew. An Amber Alert was issued for the child and the family waited for news.

Police later found the vehicle. Natasha Howard was inside, dead from a gunshot wound, and the child was unharmed. The boy was later returned to the family.

Saturday morning police miles away recieved a "suspicious circumstances" call miles away. They found Travon Howard slumped in an alley. He was dead from a gunshot wound, and the handgun was found nearby. Police believe the wound was self inflicted. They do not know how Howard got to the area, as there was no vehicle found nearby.

Domestic violence is confusing. First, he shoots her. Then he drives her to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. Then he goes back and shoots her again, killing her this time.

In the last month, while Travon eluded capture, she was likely in fear. After he shot her once, surely she feared him coming back. But he did take her to the hospital for treatment, did that indicate concern? Was he then angry at the warrant out for his arrest?

It is often hard for family and friends to look back. They may have known the fear for their loved one. But often they saw the love between the couple also.


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  1. Steve said,

    May 28, 2006 at 2:11 pm

    This comment goes with the “Family that plays together, does not always stay together” entry.

    I agree that parents have absolutely no right doing drugs WHILE they have children. Notice I used while and not around their children.

    If an adult chooses to do drugs on their own when they are single, fine (not really) but they will have to pay the consequences if their actions while on the drugs caused them to commit others crimes. I agree drugs are not a migating factor to lower charges because someone was under the influence.

    I have been critical of a certain mother who did drugs all the while, while raising her children. One of the children ended up being abducted and murded. Now this mothers drug use may and may not have contributed to the abduction of her child but certainly doing drugs over the entire lifespan of that child had to have not been good for the emotional well being of that child.

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