Just another day

Thursday was just another school day. Natalia A. Holmes, 18, arrived at her school just before 8 am, on what was to become her last school day. The school parking lot was a lot shared jointly between the middle school and the high school.

Holmes was a teen like many other teens. She had recently transferred into the school from California, according to the school and she was a senior. According to friends, she had a job at the local mall.

Apparently 24 year old Edwin L. Cornelius was also in the parking lot Thursday. There are some reports that the two were dating. Cornelius's father says there was some talk of marriage.

In front of teachers and other students, Cornelius allegedly stabbed Holmes multiple times. She died in the hospital, about a half hour after the stabbing. Cornelius was arrested and charged in the murder a short time later. He has waived bail and will remain in jail until the grand jury convenes this summer.

No motive has been given for the slaying, though the suspect's father has stated their were some problem's in the relationship.   

According to one article this was not the first brush with violence for Cornelius. In 2003, he was charged with manslaughter in the death or his mother's boyfriend, but that charge was later dropped when prosecutor's determined it was in self defense. And in Oct. he was convicted of criminal domestic violence, in a case that did not involve Holmes.



I was trying to imagine what the last day of her life would have been like for Natalia. Most teens would struggle to wake when their alarm went off. Get up, choose an outfit to wear to school. Fix her hair, maybe some makeup. Leaving her home, to go to a new school, knowing that this was the last month of her last year in school. Arriving at school, and there is her boyfriend.

And there in front of her schoolmates and her teachers, she was stabbed. I cannot imagine the thoughts she had that day. She did not know she would never go to school again. She did not know that she would not go to work again. She did not know that she would never recieve her diploma and there were so many other things she would never do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Cornelius was sent to a mental facility in 2000, after pulling a knife on his grandmother. Charges were dropped at the grandmother's request. He had a history of schizophrenia and it is unknown if he was on any medication or had seen any counselors recently.