Men get abused too

Remember that old saying about a woman scorned? Actually, in any relationship if a partner begins to suspect that the other partner is cheating, bad things will happen.

Monica Randall, 40, suspected her husband of cheating. They had been married for 40 years. The bad thing is, she is said to have bipolar disorder. Her husband denies being unfaithful.

Howard Randall allegedly was sleeping when his wife attacked him. She grabbed him in a private area and squeezed. Her fingernails tore at him, until a portion of his anatomy was detached.

Police and paramedics found him bleeding profusely and rushed him to the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition. During surgery doctors were able to reattach the body part, and his condition was upgraded. He is now out of the hospital.

Monica at first was facing attempted murder charges, but the prosecution is now asking for a psychiatic evaluation before proceeding.

Neighbors say there have been problems between the couple in the past and that Howard has thrown her out of the house, but he has let her come back.

During a relationship, and especially after some type of committment has been made both sexes seem to feel that they own their partners anatomy. And I confess, I have joked that if my partner was ever to cheat I would do this very thing! But he did, and I didn't!

Seriously, the man could have died from his injury. And even though it may feel like you own your partner's anatomy, in truth it is theirs. And so is the choice on how they use it.

That is not a reason to kill or maim them. And though I too have been guilty of joking about it…… doing it is not a joke. It is spousal abuse. And unfaithfulness is not a reason for spousal abuse- no matter whether the abuse is on a man or a woman.

Now to make the story more interesting, the man says he wasn't unfaithful. And he wouldn't be the first spouse who was abused by a jealous partner, even when he/she wasn't unfaithful.  

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