“Hey I just killed my girlfriend”

Bryan Kevin Kimble, 35, and his girlfriend Brenda Lynn Francum, 38, were reportedly having an argument Tuesday night.

At some point Kimble allegedly struck his girlfriend Brenda Francum with a machete an unknown number of times.

Francum’s 9 year old daughter called 911. She told them that her mother was bleeding from her head and her arm and that she couldn’t talk. The 9 year old girl and her 6 year old sister were not harmed.

Five minutes later, Kimble reportedly showed up at the next door neighbor’s door. Sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Townsend answered the door and Kimble allegedly told him  ‘Hey, I just killed my girlfriend.’

Townsend then held Kimble until other deputies arrived.

Kimble has been charged with attempted murder and other charges might be pending.

Francum was flown to the hospital.


There are some interesting comments left after the article.

First, what could the woman have done that was so bad, that she should be struck down with a machete in front of her children? And they say the children weren’t harmed. Maybe not physically. But how will seeing the rage, the violence, affect them? How much fear were they in then? How much fear are they in now, with their mother hospitalized and unable to care for or comfort them? Not knowing what the outcome will be.

I haven’t seen anything as to the mother’s condition at the hospital yet, other than the police spokeswoman saying that she was in pretty bad shape.

I thought it was interesting that he walked to the detective’s door and announced what he did. Undoubtedly he knew that with the two kids as witnesses, it would only be a matter of time before the police caught up with him. He didn’t choose to run and thankfully he didn’t physically harm the kids.


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  1. Leslie Kimble said,

    May 19, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    I just thought that if anybody ever looked at this any more you should know a couple of things. Bryan is in prison for this. But he is in there for entirely to long. The whole thing was to be blamed on both of them. They were both intoxicated and had been for about 3 days. She wasnt exactly the “innocent” victim everybody wanted to make her out to be. She gave the same story that Bryan did about what had happened that night. And if you really need to know she was not in a coma because of her injuries she was in a drug induced coma so that she could heal. Bryan was wrong for what he done but he shouldnt have gotten the time he got. She even wanted them to let him just come home to South Carolina. She didnt want to press charges the state of Florida had to have a little more money from the prison system. And the greedy, crooked lawyers had fun with the case too because they robbed our family and didnt help Bryan at all. So yeah when he is out of that terrible prison system in Florida we will never set foot in that state again.

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