10 to 15 minutes

Sometime before 9 am on Monday, a mother gets a call from her daughter. After talking with the daughter, the mother calls police.

She tells them she is concerned that her daughter 33-year-old Nikki Johnson might harm herself or her boyfriend 36-year-old Jerry Lipford. The couple resided together.

Police responded to the couple's address and when they arrived, they found the bodies of both Johnson and Lipford.

Police believe that the murder/suicide may have occurred just 10 to 15 minutes before their arrival. Police are awaiting the results of the autopsy to confirm the time of death.

Lipford had been shot at least twice, and police believe that Johnson killed him, then turned the weapon on herself.

Johnson may have called several people prior to the shooting.


I don't know, I just don't know. What would make a woman choose to kill the man she was living with? There is no indication in the article as to what may have led up to it. I am sure since Johnson made telephone calls that something is known about what led up to it. But understandably the family may choose to keep it to themselves.

But I wonder if Johnson realized the burden she was placing on the people she called? She made contact with them, and they were unable to change her mind, and were unable to get people to her quickly enough. That alone is enough to inspire guilt feelings, even when undeserved.

It is very likely that Johnson was quite aware of the timing, of how long it would take anyone to get to her home. And likely she timed it so that the deed was done before anyone had a chance to arrive.

I do not know what leads someone to take the life of another while they are in the process of committing suicide.

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