A ‘Couple’s Problem’

Saturday morning, Clarence Saunders made a call to 911 around 7 am to request medical assistance. He reported his wife was bleeding from a cut to her abdomen.

 From the 911 tape:

"What did she cut herself on, sir?" the dispatcher asked on the 911 tape.

"I don't know. I'm just, I'm just frantic, and she is too," was Saunders reply.

Medical personnel responded and when Patricia Saunders told them that her husband had stabbed her, they made contact with deputies.

Deputy Rick Brock was one of those deputies who responded. Patricia told the deputies that her husband was inside with the children and Dep. Brock entered the home. He was shot twice in the shoulder and had to leave the home. He was wearing a protective vest, and one of the bullets was deflected.

Authorities are not releasing information on the condition of Dep. Brock or Patricia Saunders, but Saunders' father has told media she is doing well and they expect a full recovery.

A negotiator called the home several times, but got no answer. Deputies then re-entered the home and found the bodies of Clarence Saunders, 58 and the couples two children Lauren Saunders, 10, and Jacob Saunders, 5, all dead from gunshot wounds.




There is no doubt that domestic violence is dangerous, not only to the victim- but also to other family around them and to police who investigate the crimes.

I cannot imagine being in that mother's shoes. She is not only injured, but she lost her children. Not to a stranger- but to their father, her husband. The man who had vowed to love, honor and cherish her. The man who had held those children as babies. She was lucky to get out alive- but right now I am sure she doesn't see it that way.

The deputy was just doing his 'job'……but when you know that he was attempting to save those children, it shows that his 'job' was not a little thing. Thankfully, he had the vest. And Deputy Brock thank you for trying. In your attempt, you put yourself at risk and were shot. I hope you recover easily. You did what you could, but there are some who just cannot be stopped.

Domestic violence is more than just a "couple's problem". It puts the children, the community, and the police at risk also.  

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