Protection order not served

Ja'Vaughn Hobson, 21, found out something disturbing about her boyfriend last month. She allegedly found out he had another girlfriend, Peggie Griffin Thompkins . On April 1 the three had met up in front of Hobson's apartment building and meetings followed between the two women. Both women had known him for about a year and both thought they were his only girlfriend.

No this isn't a fight among the girlfriends. Allegedly these two women both met with violence from the boyfriend after they banded together against him. Both women went to court last month, one day apart and filed for restraining orders against Curtis Nairn 'Ice', 40. There had been some violent episodes between Naim and the two women.

However, the injunctions were never served because authorities say they couldn't find Naim to serve the injunction Thompson's complaint said. Hobson's complaint said that authorities were unable to reach Hobson for a followup.

Hobson was scheduled for a hearing on the restraining order on Wednesday. She didn't make the hearing, and her complaint was closed, due to death. At 1:25 am Wednesday morning, her neighbors had heard screaming. One of the neighbors found Hobson lying in the parking lot of the apartment building and called 911.

When police arrived they found Hobson dead and a trail of blood in the parking lot. Police are not saying how she was killed. But one neighbor has reported hearing one gunshot. Naim was named as a suspect. At least one neighbor wasn't surprised that Naim was named as a suspect:

 "They used to go at it all the time … They had issues."

On Fri. police located Naim's car at a gas station, and placed him under arrest, charging him with murder.,0,7758876.story?coll=sfla-news-broward,0,676391.story?coll=sfla-news-broward

Naim got caught.

When there is a love triangle, you never know how the parties are going to react. In this case, instead of fighting each other, the women banded together against the boyfriend. Unusual, but not unknown. And most people don't like getting caught in a lie. So he responds with violence against the women, his accusers.

They did what is advised. They went to court and filed for a restraining order. However, for some reason which isn't clear- the police don't serve him with the restraining order.

After Hobson is dead however, it only took them two days to locate Naim.

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