She did what she was supposed to do

A 13 year old girl went to her parents and told them she had been molested by one of her relatives,  Matthew Resh, 33.

However, parents doubted her story. So they consulted with their pastor Rev. Daryl P. Bujak, 30. Allegedly the pastor told the parents he thought the girl was lying. According to the mother she wasn't sure what to do so she turned to the pastor, who interviewed the girl for 2 hours:

"He said she recanted,"  "He said, 'I know these types of girls. She has a rebellious streak.'"

The pastor began 'counseling' the girl on a daily basis. It is alleged that a part of the weekly 'counseling' was a spanking with a 3-foot strip of wood molding. The mother had taken the girl to the counseling sessions and said that Bujak would take the girl to the ladies room and that afterwards the girl would be red faced and crying.  The girl was clothed during the 'counseling', but suffered from bruises and welts over her legs and buttocks. This allegedly occurred on Wednesday evenings between Mar. 2005 and May 2005.

In Oct. of 2005, the mother says she had a 'heart to heart' talk with her daughter and that she realized the girl was telling the truth. She then turned to the police.

At some point police became aware of the activities and began an investigation. And they believe the girl. They say there is credible evidence to believe she was abused from Sept. 2003 until Mar. 2005. Reportedly there is DNA evidence.  

The mother is now expressing remorse for the events that happened. She say the girl is now going to private counseling and is no longer attending that church. She says that she and the girl are now trying to rebuild their relationship.

Matthew Resh has now been charged with  5 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault. The pastor Bujak has been charged with battery, a misdemeanor for the spankings he gave her. The pastor Bujak is now out on bond. And so is Matthew Resh.,1,1762756.story?coll=chi-news-hed

First the girl is sexually abused for more than a year.

It isn't easy for a child to tell parents they are being abused. It is scary, because they don't know what will happen if they tell. Many times the child has been threatened by the abuser or often will feel that somehow what happened was their fault. It is often embarrassing, because in order tell- they often have to use words that their parents often discourage them from using. So just telling a parent is difficult.

But most of us teach our kids to turn to us if they are having problems. And she did. She had that embarrassing moment where she told the parents what happened to her. Then she had two hours where she had to discuss this with the family pastor. And this was followed by her mother taking her to weekly meetings with the pastor, where she was spanked for lying and this went on for 3 months.

Experts are saying this girl was betrayed 3 times. Once by the relative who abused her, once by the parents who didn't believe her, and once by the pastor who then physically abused her. And they say that in the future she will likely have a lot of problems with trust.

First of all, parents should believe a child……at least until they get proof that the child is not telling them the truth. Especially in this area. Yes, it is possible that the girl had lied. But that couldn't be really determined until an investigation is done. But the pastor is not trained to investigate allegations of sexual abuse. Yet he chose to punish the girl, instead of helping them to make contact with children's services or the police department for investigation.

Now don't get me wrong. I have a lot of respect and admiration for pastors. There is usually no one better prepared to assist a family with emotional support during troubled times. But they are not trained to investigate crimes. 

The child did what she was supposed to do. It was the adults that failed.


Protection order not served

Ja'Vaughn Hobson, 21, found out something disturbing about her boyfriend last month. She allegedly found out he had another girlfriend, Peggie Griffin Thompkins . On April 1 the three had met up in front of Hobson's apartment building and meetings followed between the two women. Both women had known him for about a year and both thought they were his only girlfriend.

No this isn't a fight among the girlfriends. Allegedly these two women both met with violence from the boyfriend after they banded together against him. Both women went to court last month, one day apart and filed for restraining orders against Curtis Nairn 'Ice', 40. There had been some violent episodes between Naim and the two women.

However, the injunctions were never served because authorities say they couldn't find Naim to serve the injunction Thompson's complaint said. Hobson's complaint said that authorities were unable to reach Hobson for a followup.

Hobson was scheduled for a hearing on the restraining order on Wednesday. She didn't make the hearing, and her complaint was closed, due to death. At 1:25 am Wednesday morning, her neighbors had heard screaming. One of the neighbors found Hobson lying in the parking lot of the apartment building and called 911.

When police arrived they found Hobson dead and a trail of blood in the parking lot. Police are not saying how she was killed. But one neighbor has reported hearing one gunshot. Naim was named as a suspect. At least one neighbor wasn't surprised that Naim was named as a suspect:

 "They used to go at it all the time … They had issues."

On Fri. police located Naim's car at a gas station, and placed him under arrest, charging him with murder.,0,7758876.story?coll=sfla-news-broward,0,676391.story?coll=sfla-news-broward

Naim got caught.

When there is a love triangle, you never know how the parties are going to react. In this case, instead of fighting each other, the women banded together against the boyfriend. Unusual, but not unknown. And most people don't like getting caught in a lie. So he responds with violence against the women, his accusers.

They did what is advised. They went to court and filed for a restraining order. However, for some reason which isn't clear- the police don't serve him with the restraining order.

After Hobson is dead however, it only took them two days to locate Naim.

For 8 years

She was in trouble. She was 15 and her mother caught her with a bag of marijuana and called police on her. Police came out to do an investigation.

What they found while they were there, was a secret passage leading from behind a recently patched hole in the wall of the garage in the downstairs area, to a closet in the girl's bedroom upstairs.

The girl has told officers that her father Jose Garcia has used the passage to sneak into her room and he has been molesting her since she was 7 years old. She said this has continued up until he was arrested. She is now 15.

A preliminary hearing has been held and the judge has ruled there is sufficient evidence that a crime has been committed and Jose Garcia will be tried on 20 counts of sexual molestation.

Some will say this was just a kid who was mad at her parents for calling police about the marijuana. And that could be true. But most prosecutors won't file charges based solely on a teen's testimony. They would look at  other sources of evidence and would only file if that evidence could be located.

Some will say the mother had to know. And that is always a possibility. But it is also true that many times a child will be told not to tell. Sometimes they are even threatened with harm if they tell. And let's face it, she was most likely taught to mind her parents and that was her father. Garcia certainly seems to have taken pains to hide the trips to the child's room, and that attempt to hide says a lot about the nature of the secrecy.

There will be a trial and the prosecution will have to prove the abuse beyond a reasonable doubt. If the allegations are proven to be true, then Garcia will be sent to jail for the crime.

But this was 8 years of abuse. Removing the father from the home will now provide her with some safety. But she lost her innocence at the age of 7 years, and in those 8 years she has had to deal with it alone. Hopefully now they will seek out counseling for her to help her come to terms with and cope with the events of the last 8 years.