“He poked us. Blood was everywhere”

Those are the words of a 5 year old child, after she and her 4 year old brother were found after a murder/suicide attempt by her father.

On March 13, Matthew Valverde had been arrested for domestic violence and his wife Farah Valverde had filed for a restraining order the next day. Then about two weeks before the attack Farah had told Matthew that she wanted out of the marriage and she moved out a few days later.

On May 3, she went back to the home, to check on the kids and Matthew became angry. Later she called the home, but Matthew called her names until she hung up.

 The next morning she went to the house, but was unable to get into the home. She contacted police and a locksmith was brought in to open the door to the home.

 Both children were found on a bed with their father, covered in blood. The 4 year old boy had a stab wound in his back, which had punctured his lung and a deep cut on his left wrist. The 5 year old girl had two puncture wounds in her back one of which punctured a lung, and  a slash wound on her wrist which had severed ligaments. Matthew had 6 stab wounds to his chest.

Both children were concious when they were found. The little girl has told police that her father stabbed her and her brother because he was mad at their mom and he still loved her. Both children are now out of the hospital. Valverde is in fair condition in the hospital and will be arrested for two counts of suspicion of attemted murder when he is released.



I cannot even begin to guess what went through these children's minds as they lay there in pain and bleeding, beside the body of their unconcious father. Did they feel abandoned and alone? Did they feel their father was punishing them for their mother leaving? Were they concerned that their father might be dead besie them? Did they cry for their mother?

I wonder what Valverde might be thinking now that he is on the road to recovery? Is he aware of what those children went through? Does he realize that in his attempt to punish his wife for leaving, he also punished his children for something they had no control over? Does he even care? Or are his thoughts still on his emotional pain over his wife leaving, or his pain from his injuried, or maybe he is worried over his legal troubles. I wonder if he blames his wife for the domestic violence charge, for leaving, and for his murder/suicide attempt, and for the current legal charges?


 Valverde remains hospitalized, but has been arrested on suspicion of two counts of attempted first-degree murder.




  1. Soobs said,

    May 11, 2006 at 3:40 am

    This is disgusting. I hate what people do to children. But I have to wonder, why oh WHY didn’t the mother take the children WITH her???

  2. May 11, 2006 at 4:40 am

    I am sure she regrets it now. But it could have been a lot of reasons. Maybe she was staying with a friend who didn’t have room for a child. Maybe where she was staying was someplace she didn’t feel was suitable for the children.
    She kept a check on the kids, thank goodness. If she hadn’t, she would have lost them for good.
    Many times people in domestic violence situations don’t seem to think that the abuser will hurt the children, maybe he never had before. They don’t seem to understand that if they lost control with their wife, there is a danger they will lose control with the kids also.

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