It’s my party, and I’ll party if I want to

General Lee Waiters just turned 36 and he had a party. Family gathered, including the children. Grandma came to watch the kids. The party turned into an all night affair.

The next morning, an inebriated General Waiters went to get another beer. His live in girlfriend Jackie Warren and Mary Lee Clark, 51, told him he had had enough. An argument began and one of Jackie Warren's sons warned him not to talk to his mother that way.

Waiters got up, and appeared to be angry. He walked toward the door, then turned holding a gun. He began to fire into the room filled with people, some of which were kids.

4 year old Tajmere Clark was struck in the head and torso. Mary Lee Clark was hit in the eye and stomach. Family thinks the two may have shared one bullet, as Mary had grabbed Tajmere. Jackie Warren's 14 year old daughter Shatashia Lewis was hit in the leg. Her 23 year old son, Lorenzo were also shot. Police said he would have probably continued shooting, but he ran out of bullets.

When he ran out of bullets, Lorenzo and his 18 year old brother Derek tackled Waiter and bashed his head into the fish aquarium.

Family are saying that Waiters and Warren had been together for 6 years. and they weren't even aware he owned a gun. Police are saying that his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. They also say that he now says he is sorry. He wasn't shooting at the kids, he was shooting at Jackie Warren.

Lorenzo had this to say about his actions

"I'm not a hero,"  "My cousin's dead."

Mary Clark is critical but stable according to a family member. She remains in a coma, but family believes that she responds when they talk to her.

Shatashia Lewis was hospitalized due to her leg wound. Lorenzo is out of the hospital and walking with a cane.

Well, I hate to disagree with Lorenzo. But I think that Lorenzo and Derek are hero's. Even though Lorenzo was wounded, even after all the shooting, they brought Waiters down. And they did something that Waiters couldn't do. They restrained themselves and Waiters is still living. No, they weren't able to save their cousin, but may have saved their other family.

The family is praying that the grandmother Mary Clark makes it. They say she was a woman devoted to her family. And all the while they are at a bedside vigil with her, and praying for her recovery, they are mourning one of their younger family members, Two other family members are recovering from their injuries and I am sure they are all trying to cope with the memories of the violence that occured that morning.

And one woman, is trying to figure out how it all went so wrong, how the man she had chosen could try to kill her- and kill her family instead.

Oh, by the way- Waiters ended up in the hospital with a head injury from his little trip through the fish tank. And police haven't explained if he was sorry he had gotten drunk, sorry that he missed his girlfriend, sorry he got injured, sorry he got caught or if he was just a sorry man.

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