It’s my party, and I’ll party if I want to

General Lee Waiters just turned 36 and he had a party. Family gathered, including the children. Grandma came to watch the kids. The party turned into an all night affair.

The next morning, an inebriated General Waiters went to get another beer. His live in girlfriend Jackie Warren and Mary Lee Clark, 51, told him he had had enough. An argument began and one of Jackie Warren's sons warned him not to talk to his mother that way.

Waiters got up, and appeared to be angry. He walked toward the door, then turned holding a gun. He began to fire into the room filled with people, some of which were kids.

4 year old Tajmere Clark was struck in the head and torso. Mary Lee Clark was hit in the eye and stomach. Family thinks the two may have shared one bullet, as Mary had grabbed Tajmere. Jackie Warren's 14 year old daughter Shatashia Lewis was hit in the leg. Her 23 year old son, Lorenzo were also shot. Police said he would have probably continued shooting, but he ran out of bullets.

When he ran out of bullets, Lorenzo and his 18 year old brother Derek tackled Waiter and bashed his head into the fish aquarium.

Family are saying that Waiters and Warren had been together for 6 years. and they weren't even aware he owned a gun. Police are saying that his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. They also say that he now says he is sorry. He wasn't shooting at the kids, he was shooting at Jackie Warren.

Lorenzo had this to say about his actions

"I'm not a hero,"  "My cousin's dead."

Mary Clark is critical but stable according to a family member. She remains in a coma, but family believes that she responds when they talk to her.

Shatashia Lewis was hospitalized due to her leg wound. Lorenzo is out of the hospital and walking with a cane.

Well, I hate to disagree with Lorenzo. But I think that Lorenzo and Derek are hero's. Even though Lorenzo was wounded, even after all the shooting, they brought Waiters down. And they did something that Waiters couldn't do. They restrained themselves and Waiters is still living. No, they weren't able to save their cousin, but may have saved their other family.

The family is praying that the grandmother Mary Clark makes it. They say she was a woman devoted to her family. And all the while they are at a bedside vigil with her, and praying for her recovery, they are mourning one of their younger family members, Two other family members are recovering from their injuries and I am sure they are all trying to cope with the memories of the violence that occured that morning.

And one woman, is trying to figure out how it all went so wrong, how the man she had chosen could try to kill her- and kill her family instead.

Oh, by the way- Waiters ended up in the hospital with a head injury from his little trip through the fish tank. And police haven't explained if he was sorry he had gotten drunk, sorry that he missed his girlfriend, sorry he got injured, sorry he got caught or if he was just a sorry man.


Here is a puzzle

Elizabeth Kenna was living in an apartment with her boyfriend Anthony DeCarolis, 25, and another couple and a brother of the one of the other couple. She was 24, pregnant and due to give birth in a few days.

A friend/neighbor hadn’t seen her in a couple of days, and when she didn’t come to a planned gathering on Sat. night then didn’t show up for work on Sunday the friend went to the apartment to check on her, around 11 am. The door to the home was closed and locked, but the friend was able to enter through an unlocked sliding glass door. The friend found Kenna in a bedroom deceased.

Police are saying the boyfriend is not a suspect, but they do want to talk to him. They haven’t been able to locate him, and say he was last seen driving Kenna’s car on Sunday. Police say the autopsy has been completed on Kenna, but they aren’t releasing the cause of death. The baby was a little girl.

Neighbors have made some interesting comments. They say that police have been to the address 2 or 3 times in the last month. They have described Kenna as friendly, but admit to some concerns about DeCarolis. One neighbor has said that DeCarolis has alleged that maybe the child wasn’t his. That neighbor even made this comment:

“I remember hearing a young man on a phone call conversation yelling about how he found out his girlfriend was pregnant”

Friends say that the couple didn’t have domestic problems, but neighbors have reported hearing at least one argument in the middle of the night. They say the sliding glass door was opened several times during that argument.              (Picture of DeCarolis and Kenna at the above link)

The allegation: I always find it ironic when a man will have a continuing relationship with a woman, and when he finds out there is an unplanned pregnancy- immediately jumps to the “maybe it isn’t mine”. If she had lived, a paternity test would have proven the facts. And it wasn’t like she got pregnant and he left. She was 9 months pregnant and they were still together.

My question is this. There were evidently 5 people living in that home. Kenna failed to keep appointments with friends, to the point that they noticed a problem. Yet the people who lived with her didn’t find her or at least didn’t report.

There could be a reason for that. I know, young couples live busy lives. And multiple relationships in one apartment, they would have to give each other some privacy. Maybe they were away, maybe they were given excuses for Kenna’s absence. But it just seems odd that the first persons to check on her, was someone who didn’t live in the home.


Anthony DeCarolis was found about 10 am today. Police believe that it may have been suicide, an autopsy is pending.,0,3715338.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines

Remember the “honeymoon cycle of abuse?”

Earlier this year Tonya Goble, 24, and her children, a 3-year-old and an infant, had left her husband Gary Studer, 31, due to the violent relationship. She moved in with her mother and stepfather.

But not long ago she and her children moved back in with Studer. On April 28, Goble’s mother Vicki Dewey, 52, came to the home and found the couple drinking. She persuaded Gary Studer to go to the store with her.

While he was gone, Tonya ran to the school across the street and used the phone to call 911. She requested a police escort to accompany her back to the home to retrieve her and her children’s belongings. Here is what was said in the call:

“He told me this morning that he would kill me if I ever tried to leave,” “He’s got guns in the house, and I am scared.”

The dispatcher told her that no officer would be sent unless there was an “immediate threat.”

“Ma’am, the officer cannot stand there and just wait just in case your husband comes back,” was the dispatcher’s reply.

So no officers were sent to the school or the home. Tonya called a friend who picked up her and the children.

Later that day, Gary Studer was seen leaving the Dewey home (mother’s home). Witnesses say he was covered in blood and he had the children.

Police found the bodies of Tonya and her mother Vicki in the Dewey home. Studer has been charged with two counts of 1 st degree premeditated murder.

The director of the 911 center has responded to questions about their lack of action. It seems that in 2005 a memo was sent to the dispatchers telling them not to send officers when abuse victims requested escorts to retrieve belongings from their homes. That policy was changed on Fri. They are now saying officers will respond to all requests for help.

The article didn’t say who wrote the memos. And I guess we will never know if police had responded, if anything would have been different. But certainly had they responded, they could have checked for signs of abuse on Tonya and the children. They could have checked for a reason to make an arrest, they could have put Studer on notice that there was police involvement and reminded him of the possible repercussions if there were more problems. They could have advised the couple to remain apart until they had cooled off. They could have talked to Tonya about a shelter and how to contact the local domestic violence agency. They could have advised her on how to get a “restraining order”.

Yes, it might have happened anyway. Or maybe Tonya might have decided to go to a shelter. We will never know.

I think a lot of this is due to the “honeymoon cycle of abuse”. Police do get tired of that cycle. They go to the same houses, for the same couples, and the same problems. And still the couples often get back together- sometimes before the bruises even fade. But here is what happens when they don’t respond.

This time it was overt. They got the call and didn’t respond. Many times it is not so open. They show up, they see signs of a struggle or wiolence, they say do you want to press charges, and the victim says no. They figure their job has ended, all that is left is to write up the report. For a description of the ‘Honeymoon Cycle of Abuse’ click here.


 A portion of Tonya Studer’s second phone call to 911 is in the article. A description of the takedown of Stuber after the shooting. allegedly he first told the officer to kill him, then told him “heat of passion, heat of passion.”


 Optymyst at Look Who’s Tattling Now has a transcription of the 911 call.


Jan. 8, 2007 Gary Studer was found guilty in the deaths of Tonya Studer and her mother Vickie Dewey. He was sentenced to several terms of life imprisonment.