The trifecta

It was a quiet night, and the neighbors woke to a loud noise. Some thought it was a garbage can being thrown.

A woman called 911 at about 3:00 am on Sunday. She said there had been a shooting, and she requested an ambulance. During the conversation with the dispatcher, she revealed that she was the shooter and the victim was her husband.

Police and an ambulance arrived and they found 43-year-old Vicki Marie Ruiz outside the home talking on a cordless phone. Witnesses pointed them to a motor home parked on the property, where they found 44-year-old John Matthew Ruiz shot once in the chest. He was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police say there was a motive- someone was cheating. They also say there is a history of ‘problems’.  And they also believe that alcohol may have been a factor. Vicki Ruiz has been charged with one count of first degree homicide.

Hmmm…. the shooting took place in a motor home parked on the property. And it was in the wee hours of the morning. It makes me wonder if the husband may not have decided to move out, and was staying in the motor home temporarily. Either that or they had moved the argument there so that they wouldn’t wake someone else in the home.

But it looks to me like a trifecta. Marital problems, jealousy, and chemical involvement (alcohol).

I have been cheated on. It is horribly painful. After marrying you absorb the identity of being a couple into your being, and when you find out the partner is not faithful- it is like your whole identity is ripped apart. But there is no surgery, no pain reliever, or treatment for your injury.

Alcohol may seem like a band aid, but in reality it just causes the problems to fester. But killing the partner doesn’t work either. Oh, you may discharge a little of the anger. But the pain won’t go away. The pain will still be there, and so will the jail cell. It also destroys your relationship with others you are close to, and leaves the killer more alone then ever. I bet she never thought of that did she?


 Well, my guess about why the man was shot in the motor home was wrong. More info is now coming out about the shooting.

It seems that  Vicki and John had had a party on Sat. night. After the party, Vicki had found her husband and a woman in the motor home allegedly having sex.

She grabbed a .22 handgun in the home and returned to the motor home where she confronted the partially nude couple and shot John in the chest. According to an affidavit filed with the court, she had this to say about the woman:

 “indicated that that though she had shot her husband, she had not shot the other woman, though she should have done so.”


Pled guilty to a charge of second degree manslaughter.

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