Sometimes I just gotta write what I wanna write

This blog has a theme, a theme of violence committed in the home or in relationships, people in the same household, or even extended family members.

And I don't know that this story is about a family member. It could be, but there is just not enough known at this point to say for sure.

A while back, Toronto law enforcement broke the rule. There is almost a universal rule that sexual crime victims not be identified. Not by name and not by picture. But what Toronto officers saw on a child porn video was so disturbing that they determined to find that abused child, no matter how they had to do it. So they published her picture, along with photos of one of the rooms she was abused in, and pled with the public to help identify her.

First they identified the room she was abused in. It was in a hotel. From that inestigators were able to locate her. She is safe now. She is 13, but she sounds like an adult. No one should go through what she went through, but she is safe now. She recently testified before Congress, asking for more protection for children. You can find more about her story here.

Toronto authorities have found another video. They say it is so disturbing that it goes beyond sexual assault. Now this is seasoned investigators who are saying this. People who investigate sexual assault and child porn on a daily basis. So you know if they are saying it, it has to be horrendous.

The pictures that Toronto have released this time are not of the child. They are of the 'alleged' abuser. And of the room where the abuse took place. There is nothing 'indecent' about the pictures that have been released. They are just enough to possibly identify him.

All of the bloggers are asking for our readers to take a look at the pictures, see if you know the identity of the accused. See if you can identify the room where the abuse took place. You could possibly save a child by taking those few minutes to click over.

Instead of rewriting and posting all of the pictures, I am going to send you to TO Crime who has done a  great post on this. If you recognize the man or the room, please make that call to the police or crimestoppers. He has listed the numbers. If you don't recognize anything, pass the link on to family and friends. Someone knows this man or this room. Maybe you can be the link to save that child.

And I thank you in advance for your efforts.

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