Three women all connected to one man

Cheneta Yates, now 36, met Joseph Emanuel White Jr., now 40, while she was singing in college. But they didn't begin dating until many years later. White tracked Yates down and told her that his wife had been cheating on him and he was divorcing her. He not only didn't divorce her, he saw her off and on while he was living with Yates part time.

White and Yates were together for 5 years and had two children together. But they didn't always get along, and last year Yates told White that she wanted him to move out.

On Aug. 9, Yates had to go to court for a protection from abuse order (restraining order).  But that just seemed to make him angrier. He returned to the house a couple of times and arguements ensued.

One late night Linda McNeil gets a late night phone call from Joseph White. She had never met him but he told her that he knew she had done some home repair work for his cousin, and he wanted her to do some work for him. The two talked. They had some things in common. He was a drummer for the band Stylistics. She played bass in a band. He was aware that she was practiced in self defense, and McNeil thinks that may have been why he called her. The job he outlined was pretty simple. He wanted her to stage a robbery and kill his girlfriend.

McNeil sought out the advice of family and friends, and they warned her not to get involved. But McNeil worried that if she didn't do something to stop him, he would just go to someone else.

While she said she was thinking about it, White continued to call and leave messages on her telephone.

She ended up talking to police detectives, and they fitted her with a spy camera in a button. She met with White and payment arrangements were made. They met for an hour, and he described Yates to her, showed her where Yates worked, where the security cameras were, and described her car. He wanted her to make it look like a robbery and he wanted Yates' throat cut, but he wanted her face left alone.

In the meantime White's mother died. He called McNeil from the funeral to ask her to speed things up.

Eight days after White called McNeil, the detectives went to Yates and told her that White had tried to hire someone to kill her, and that that person was the one who was responsible for White's arrest.

On April 21 a judge found White guilty of solicitation to commit murder and of other crimes including assault, stalking and harassment.

Now, White's wife Courtrina, Cheneta Yates, and Linda McNeil have all become friends. Yates said that she feels that McNeil has saved her life. If White had gone to someone else, she might have died.


Sometimes I just gotta write what I wanna write

This blog has a theme, a theme of violence committed in the home or in relationships, people in the same household, or even extended family members.

And I don't know that this story is about a family member. It could be, but there is just not enough known at this point to say for sure.

A while back, Toronto law enforcement broke the rule. There is almost a universal rule that sexual crime victims not be identified. Not by name and not by picture. But what Toronto officers saw on a child porn video was so disturbing that they determined to find that abused child, no matter how they had to do it. So they published her picture, along with photos of one of the rooms she was abused in, and pled with the public to help identify her.

First they identified the room she was abused in. It was in a hotel. From that inestigators were able to locate her. She is safe now. She is 13, but she sounds like an adult. No one should go through what she went through, but she is safe now. She recently testified before Congress, asking for more protection for children. You can find more about her story here.

Toronto authorities have found another video. They say it is so disturbing that it goes beyond sexual assault. Now this is seasoned investigators who are saying this. People who investigate sexual assault and child porn on a daily basis. So you know if they are saying it, it has to be horrendous.

The pictures that Toronto have released this time are not of the child. They are of the 'alleged' abuser. And of the room where the abuse took place. There is nothing 'indecent' about the pictures that have been released. They are just enough to possibly identify him.

All of the bloggers are asking for our readers to take a look at the pictures, see if you know the identity of the accused. See if you can identify the room where the abuse took place. You could possibly save a child by taking those few minutes to click over.

Instead of rewriting and posting all of the pictures, I am going to send you to TO Crime who has done a  great post on this. If you recognize the man or the room, please make that call to the police or crimestoppers. He has listed the numbers. If you don't recognize anything, pass the link on to family and friends. Someone knows this man or this room. Maybe you can be the link to save that child.

And I thank you in advance for your efforts.

If you are a guy, you may want to prepare yourself

Guys flinch, I mean really flinch and their hands immediately fly to their groin when they see a movie where someone gets a punch or kick to the groin. Whether it is a memory or just the thought of how painful it would be, they react. As a woman I really can't identify, though to watch a guy watch a movie with that kind of scene can be funny.

However, this isn't funny. Two year olds are funny. They can be obstinate little creatures when they aren't being cute. They can be outspoken in their demands, noisy, and frustrating. Then they do something that is just so darn cute, they just have to be forgiven.

Most people will be starting some type of discipline by the age of two. A short timeout, a stern look, the word No!, usually a mild punishment is all that is needed. Sometimes what they really need is a nap.

But a 23 year old man evidently didn't think that was enough. He is not being named in order to protect the identity of his victim.

So I will just call him the alleged 'Dad'. He decided the little 2 year old son needed discipline. So he stepped on his groin. Afterwards, the child had breathing problems and medical services were called. The medical personnel took the child to the hospital where he spent a few days in intensive care.

The child has now been released, and has been placed in foster care along with his three siblings, ages 2 months, 4 years and 7 years of age. Authorities say the mother was not at home at the time of the incident.

The alleged 'Dad' has been charged with felony child abuse.

I've seen adults and teen guys fight before. And even though they are angry, they will usually avoid the groin area. To aim a shot to the groin is usually considered 'dirty' fighting, and dishonorable. It is usually only the desperate who will use this 'dirty' tactic.

This guy wasn't fighting with a teen or adult. He was reportedly 'disciplining' a two year old child. Was he so desperate that he was losing a battle with a two year old? He didn't even do it gently. He used enough force that he caused the child to have breathing problems and put him in intensive care for a few days.

What a 'man' huh? Well, an adult man and a 2 year old  is a long way from an even match. So now the state has stepped in on the side of the child.

I wonder how a guy who couldn't battle fairly with a two year old, will do in prison?