They were mostly a quiet couple

Neighbors describe them as a mostly quiet couple. But police say there was a history of violence.

"They were just quiet people – very, very nice people,"  "They'd do anything for you."

A friend went by the home after being asked to check on them. He found them in the kitchen. David L. Bowers, 65, and Vera M. Bowers, 59, both died as a result of a shotgun blast. The gun was found in the home and police are calling it a murder/suicide.

It is thought they had been dead for about 48 hours prior to being found.

Sometimes domestic violence in the home will occur as an ongoing day-to-day occurrance. It will be noticable to family, neighbors and friends. Even if the victim denies it.

But frequently it will manifest iself as a single occurance, then a long period before there is another violent episode. Any bruises or marks will often be explained as clumsy accidents. Or sometimes it stops, before there are bruises made.

Either way, it is an indication. Someone is acting out in a violent way. They "lose their temper" they lose control. No matter how it manifests itself, the angrier the abuser gets, the more dangerous the episode. And often what starts as "mild" violence can over time, become dangerous as the abuse often escalates.  

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