The children get caught in the middle

Brenda Evans was found Wed. bound with ropes at her wrists and ankles. She had been beaten but she was alive. She told police that her husband Thomas J. Evans, 45, had beaten her over the previous days in an ongoing dispute. Allegedly, Evans had kept her bound in the home for two  or three days, releasing her to allow her to go to the bathroom. She was not allowed to leave the home. Allegedly the argument “It was over personal matters” involving “their marriage relationship.”

On Wed. he tied her up so that he could go to the gas station for cigarettes, and he took the two year old with him. He told her that if she tried to call police he would “harm the child.” Brenda was able to get free enough to go to a neighbors and call 911. When police arrived, they found ropes still tied to her wrists and ankles. Her face and lips were bruised but no bones were broken.

Police issued an Amber Alert. On Thurs, police received a tip that he was at a local restaurant. Police attempted to stop him in the parking lot, but Evans fled, hitting another car as he did so. The little girl was sitting in the front seat beside him.

As Evans was driving away from the restaurant, police hit him with a squad car then boxed him in with their cars. They opened fire after he displayed a handgun and refused to drop it.  “One of the officers could actually see the hammer pulled back.”  A cocked and loaded handgun was found in the vehicle after the shooting.

The 2 year old was held by police until the mother arrived, she was not injured. The shooting took place just miles from the child’s home. Evans died from the shooting.

Thomas Evans has an adult son. According to him, he believes that Evans was protecting the child from the mother.

Evans did not have a criminal record and no record of any protective orders against him for threatening his wife or anyone else have been found.

Thomas Evan’s family are saying the shooting was unnecessary. They are saying that police endangered the child. And there was that one hint, from the adult son, about possible problems with the mother.

Police spokesman are saying the police were in fear of their lives and the life of the child.

Here is a two year old child, at home with a mother she presumably loves, and a father she presumably loves. Daddy hits Mommy and ties her up. This is ongoing over a period of days. Probably there was tears and yelling.

Then Daddy puts her in a car and drives off with her. And the next day, after Daddy takes her somewhere to eat, then Daddy hits a car with his car, police hit their car, then there are gunshots and blood, and then people in uniform.

Finally she is reunited with her mother.

There are going to be three sides in this incident. The mother’s side, the father’s families side and the police side. Will anyone remember that the two year old needs a side too?

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