I’ll bet he calls it ‘love’

Kevin David Underwood, 44 and  Lee Ann Fearson, 35, were dating. And just before 10 pm on Thurs. they had an unexpected visitor.

Police have theorized that the 55 year old man had someone drop him off at the home. Reportedly he went into the home and confronted the couple. The unnamed suspect supposedly then stabbed Underwood. Fearson ran to a neighbors home, and the suspect followed and began attacking her. The neighbors then called 911. The suspect is Fearson's ex-boyfriend.

The suspect was found and arrested a short time later on suspicion of murder.

Underwood died. Fearson was hospitalized with multiple stab wounds but she will live.


How many times have we seen the results of a person who will not let go? Wives girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends, it doesn't seem to matter. If one partner can't let go, then is a good chance of some type of violence.

I can understand feeling betrayal when the relationship breaks up. And I can understand anger. But how can you kill or attempt to kill someone you say you cannot live without? And if by some chance they live, do they really think that they are going to get back together? Or that the perpetrator will be out of jail to conduct a relationship?

And going after the new boyfriend/girlfriend? Presuming that the old relationship partner wasn't being forced into the new relationship, then why blame it on the new boyfriend/girlfriend? Sure they may fan the flames a little. But they are not the one who committed the betrayal!

Of course, I don't understand murder in any form, but especially in these circumstances.


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  1. Undercover Anonymous said,

    October 27, 2009 at 4:31 am

    This is the story of my cousin and my aunt. I am related to this story, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking…they both have children and it affects them daily.

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