Suddenly those Mother-in-law jokes aren’t quite as funny

Thomas Liebner arrived at his home and discovered his wife, 53-year-old wife, Robyn Liebner, and his 16-year-old daughter, Jenna Liebner, dead on Wed. evening.

Someone had contacted deputies, but it is not clear who had made that call. The investigation is continuing, and Cooper is due in court today for the arraignment, so possibly more will come out later today.

Police have said it was a brutal assault, but are not releasing many details of the crime. Initial reports said the victims were stabbed, but now they say they are waiting for the autopsy.

No motive has been released for the crime.

Police found Jason Duane Cooper, 24, in the area and have arrested him. They say they are sure they have the right suspect. Cooper is the victim's son in law.

I cannot imagine walking into my home and finding what this man found. The pain and horror of finding his wife, his young daughter, both bloodied and dead. The son in law either there or close by.

I cannot imagine what the daughter is feeling right now, with her mother and sister dead and her husband accused of the murder.

There has been no indication in the paper about the wife. No mention that she is ok or if she has been notified. As she is the connecting link in this situation, I find that a little odd.


Cooper pled not guilty. Prosecutors say he could be eligible for special circumstances for the death penalty due to the manner in which he entered the home, the multiple victims, and due to the motive. However, they are not releasing info on the motive at this time. Cooper was arrested at the home after he called 911. Cooper lived less than 5 miles away from the home.


Information about the victim's. Robin and her daughter were close. Jenna was being home schooled, and was attending some classes part time, and she was taking some college prep classes.

Cooper's wife was not at the scene when the murder's occurred. Still no information about a motive.



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