I don't know how Heather Evink, 18, and grandmother, Sheila Evink, 40, came to be homeless. All I really know about that is that there are reports they have been homeless and drifting for about two years.

A citizens complaint led police to them, and they found a 6 week old baby girl and a 14 month old boy living in their "home", a Ford Bronco which was parked at a day labor camp. Police have said that the Bronco was full of the families possessions and the family appeared to have been living in the vehicle.

Heather Evink is the mother of those children. They say the 6 week old baby was emaciated. They say that she weighed 6 lbs 2 oz at birth, and that she weighed 4 lbs when she was taken to the hospital by authorities.

The mother has released information to the media that the little girl has had bleeding on the brain and is on life support. That if she lives, she will most likely be a vegetable and that she has signed papers allowing the life support to be removed. 

The grandmother, Shelia Evink, has stated to media that it isn't how it appears. She states that the baby quit eating that morning and they were planning to take her to the emergency room that night. She alleges that they had a can of Enfamil which had been opened and that that showed they had been trying to feed the baby.

Heather has stated that she didn't realize that the baby was so small until a couple of days earlier, she states she was working all of the time, she says she doesn't know why the baby had bleeding on her brain, but she suggests that the 14 month old may have gotten a little wild and hit his sister in the head. She says that none of this is like it seems, and none of it was intentional.

Allegedly Heather left the father of the children because he was a "crackhead" and that the father wasn't even aware that she was pregnant with the baby girl when she left.

 Both Heather and Sheila Evink have been charged with serious bodily injury to a child and endangering a child. They have been given a bond of $45,000 for the Heather and $20,350 for Sheila, the additional for Sheila was due to an unspecified warrant against her.

Heather has told the media that they are unable to come up with the bond, and Heather has this to say about the bail. "Maybe you could ask some churches," Heather said. "Maybe they can help us out."




 I don't know these people, I do not know their history, and I do not claim to know what led up to this. There is an old saying that you must walk a mile in someone's shoes to understand them. I have not taken that journey, thank God. 

Today there is a 6 week old baby girl, hospitalized, either on life support or being removed from life support. A 14 month old boy, in protective custody. An 18 year old, a mother of two- losing them, one to authorities- one to either authorities or death. And a grandmother who claims that the child only failed to eat for one day, thus she would have had to have lost that 2 lbs or more in one day.

The mother says she was working all the time. I wonder who was caring for the children?



  1. shannon said,

    September 4, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    this is my cousion and my aunt. there is a lot of family history that has lead to them being homeless. My aunt sheila enstranged herself from the family. I tried to get cps down in tx to let me adopt my cousions but because i never ment them they said no. I am very sad for heather her father molested both of us and is in prison in MI serving 15-40 years for what he did to us. Im not sure why you have this on your web site but could you please take it off.

  2. September 4, 2007 at 8:14 pm

    Shannon, I am sorry for what happened to you and to your cousin. I am glad your abuser was caught and I realize that you most likely went through a lot to get to the point where he went to prison. I am sorry for that also.
    How are the children? Did the baby make it? I looked back through the news sites and it looked as though the children were improving, but they took the baby off life support and off the resuscitate list.
    Has the case gone to court yet?

  3. February 18, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    I’m the father(Sheila’s) and grandfather(Heather’s). Heather is getting it together in prison. As shannon said. The guy who adopted her molested her. His third offense. To all of you who judge. Judge not lest ye be judged. Christians know that one. Heather had no guidance at all. She is now getting an education. She is trying to put hrr life together. Any comments to briancuddington@live.com.

  4. Brian Cuddington said,

    April 10, 2009 at 6:40 am

    I received a letter from my granddaughter yesterday. I know Shannon is playing the victim. What Heather told me was Larry molested her from age 5-7. What Shannon didn’t say but Heather told me in her last letter. Shannon the dyke molested her when she was 12. Heather has been used all her life. Larry’s in prison. Shannon should be also. Remember that when you start feeling sorry for her. Larry and Shannon are two peas in a pod.

  5. Brian Cuddington said,

    June 30, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    I talked to Heather (my only granddaughter) this last weekend. I found out that Shannon didn’t molest heather. I was wrong there. She and her mother are still liars though. Heather (my only granddaughter) and Sheila (my only Daughter) want nothing to do with Shannon or her mother Joyce. I don’t either. Anything Shannon says take with a grain of salt.

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