Why the child?

Couple's argue. Everybody knows that. And some arguments get loud. But the worst two things that can happen is for the argument to involve violence or the children.

 26-year-old Jennifer Vincent argued with her boyfriend. Vincent then took off and tried to drown her 6 week old baby girl in a nearby lake.  Investigators think that neighbors became aware of what was happening and managed to stop her.

Luckily, the child survived, was taken to a local hospital and is doing well.

Vincent has been charged with attempted murder and child abuse by a parent..resulting in injury. The case is still under investigation



Life is full of frustrations. And couples argue. Neither of those things are good reasons to harm a child.

Likely the mother was looking to strike out in anger against the father. She probably never even thought of the child, only a means to hurt him. This often happens in relationships, though maybe not to this degree. Always remember, the first rule in any relationship- the children come first.

Thankfully, the baby is ok. Vincent, will probably be regretting what she did by now. She is facing some serious charges, and will possibly lose this chld (hopefully). I wonder if she still thinks it was worth winning the argument this way?

Children should not be involved in adult arguments.

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