Just a kid

He is 12 years old. He is known in the neighborhood for having a "volatile" temper. He was known to watch his brother. Neighbors have said that “If he got into an argument or something, like with other kids, he would kind of explode, and like go off,”  He has been accused of killing his mother and his 9 year old brother.

Dead are Katrina Denise Powe, 31, and her 9-year-old son, Mystery Toma Hillian.

Police are releasing few details about the murder, but it is believed the victims were beaten and stabbed to death. Neighbors have said that a "club" was found in a drain near the home.

Police are releasing few details about the murder only saying it was the result of a "domestic dispute", the name of the 12 year old is not being released as he is a juvenile. State law says that a 12 year old must be tried as a juvenile, the age limit for adult court is 14 years old. The 12 year old has been arrested, but charges will have to be determined by the state attorney. He is due in court today, and is currently being held in a juvenile facility.



This is the kind of murder that will drive a neighborhood into shock. That a child would kill his own brother, let alone his mother seems incomprehensible.

In that neighborhood, there will be a bunch of 9 year olds learning of the loss of their friend and schoolmate. Parents struggling to find the words to explain what they themselves cannot understand.

At this point all they can do for the victims is to offer flowers and prayers. And to support the remaining extended members of the family.

But there is still time for the living. I hope they will also take this time to stress the importance for each individual to learn to control their temper. And I hope they will also take that lesson to heart.


Possible history of past abuse. Alleged history of running away from home, and of being put out of the home. Alleged confession to the mother of his best friend. Allegedly he said that he was sorry about his brother, but not his mother.

Psychiatric exam ordered by the court.



Katrina Powe's family are requesting to have the remains of Katrina and her son returned to them for burial.

Katrina had only been living in Washington for about a year. She had previously lived in S.C.



More allegations of abuse and marks on the 12 year old which might indicate abuse. Allegations of threats to send the child away, pitting the brothers against each other, and favoritism toward the 9 year old boy. Allegations that the 9 year old was also known as a troublemaker in the neighborhood.


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